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Vegetarian Diet Is It Good Or Bad Philosophy Essay

God has created food in different varieties and there are different ways to obtain it, so it was clearly easy to anyone to differentiate in the way they’re obtaining there food and how they want to cook it and how they want to eat it. For instance we can say that some people might like to have their meat meal from a choose of different categories like well done, medium or rare, but rare makes up for the minority number of people. In other words it’s just as some people have got the privilege to eat meat some choose not to have a small amount of meat or even any meat at all, these people undergoes the title vegetarians, vegetarians can also be called veggies or vegans but both of the names both lead to a same meaning. Some vegetarians choose to be so in order to avoid the slaughtering and vigorous killing of living organisms and some of them are veggies just because they don’t like the taste of a meat itself, also some may be forced to avoid eating meat and that’s because of a medical issue or any motherly forced environment .Vegetarians and being one of them has its own pros and cons, like for instance it’s claimed by some people that vegetarian diet is considered to be healthier than a meat including diet but fights and rumors keeps subjecting this case mainly, as for example we can use as a start that a vegetarian diet lacks the mighty highly needed component the vita D12 which is essentially needed by the body and needs to be taken in diet in a way or another and on the other hand being a vegetarian effects the current personnel social life and these people are mostly left singled and alone in our now daily community and are often more criticized than meat eating ones.

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Another name could be given to non meat eaters (vegetarians) is to be the people who practice not to eat meat, fish and any milk products or even eggs. a commercial name that is currently used by vegetarians is veggies. According to the vegetarian union , the word vegetarian has never been there before 1840 i.e it’s not an ancient tradition it’s just 150 years old and the word itself was considered an official word that can be used world widely at the 1847 at a meeting of a society of vegeterians at the UK.

Vegetarians are found throughout the whole global world, and they are categorized by different areas,relegions,cultures,and race. For example vegetarians can also be differentiated into two different subsidiaries lacto vegeterians and ovo lacto vegetarians also we have got the Islamic type of vegeterians which are given the name Halal vegeterians.To start with the difference between lacto and ovo lacto it’s a slight one though but it makes up two complete different communities so lacto vegetarians type are the traditional vegetarians that doesn’t come close or eat anything that contains meat nor any dairy products unlike the ovo lacto in which this category of vegans can easily drink dairy products and can still follow the title vegetarians and these are mainly in the western countries so it’s not like all vegetarians never eat anything living, so coming back to the halal vegetarian which is currently and mainly followed by the middle eastern community (The Islamic community) and this branch of vegetarians forces it’s people to eat meat under certain Islamic laws and the meat or any living thing eaten must follow a certain Islamic procedures without having the free privilege to eat that meat.

Some other people are forced ot become vegetarians because of their religion, like jews,Judaism, Jews follow some guidelines that they are forced to follow same as how we mention halal vegan diet in Islam. But in case Jews follow the guidelines in which it’s mentioned there the types of diet they are allowed to have and which is prohibited to them, this sort of food diet is given the name Kosher. It’s also divided into several divisions in which some have meat and some don’t and some just have dairy products and some dairy products are not allowed and some are just allowed in small amounts so their aint a single type of kosher diet.

A huge step like turning to a vegetarian takes place under a series of vital reasons, it can be because of sympathizing with animals and them being slaughtered, well after all this is not considered the only reason that might make people turn from a normal diet to a vegetarian diet, some just tunr to being a vegan due to health problem or digestion problems like stomach pain or ulcers and the fact that eating less meat doesn’t affect the body negatively as much as eating excessive meat can cause to a human personnel. And as discussed by the professor doctor Yasser ashour the dean of physiology that excessive meat and some people stomach sensitive to meat may suffer sleeping disorders,nausea,headache,even diarrhea. So being a vegetarian might also have a positive effect to some people around us excluding the fact of that are they forced to be a diet are they choose to be on their own. However some doctors and therapists may order the human personnel to immediately stop eating meat due to a disease or a tumor. Also meat eating can be limited when a person notice3s that he’s suffering from high cholesterol level or high fat level as if he continues on consuming meat and being a meat eater, fat and cholesterol deposition may occur in the main arteries and may cause atherosclerosis and blood clot.

Not eating meats stops many important life factors from being in a human life, as the vegetarian diet lacks a lot of meat important contents which is important for normal human growth and normal body functions. It’s just like god created goats to eat green food, lions to feed on meat, trees to feed on soil contents and humans to feed on both meat and vegetables ,this must happen to maintain a stable life cycle. Back to meat important components is the vita B12, which is important for cell replication and movment,formation of white and red blood cells, it also plays a vital rule in pregnancy and to maintain the optimum growth of the fetus inside his mum umbilical region. The international vegetarian union stated that vita b12 is needed for optimum growth of a human being and that vitab12 can never be obtained from plants unless these plants are infected, they also stated that the human body doesn’t require huge amounts of vita b12 in fact a 1 microgram a day is more than enough to maintain a constant body fluidity. Which in fact shows the vital importance of vita b12 and that a deficiency in it is considered a huge problem and mainly effects the life of the personnel lacking it by causing sever nerve damages and neurogenic disorders which may lead to serious shocks for ex: Hypovelmic shock in which the body keeps internally draining blood. Although some vegetarians excluded all the above facts and stated that vita b12 can be actually maintained and compensated with a mixture of a nutritional yeast, although in the other hand vegetarians also claimed that the deficiency of vita b12 can be replaced by vitamin pills at which they actually excluded that the vitamin pills itself is made from an organic living content as we mentioned above vita b12 can’t be obtained from any diet except a meat containing diet. On the other hand excluding the vita b12 importance vegetarians are also supplemented to a deficiency of an important fatty acid which can only be obtained by having a diet containing fish.

It was also proved by the anthropology researchers that humans who were found thousands of years ago who used to eat meat are identified with their large brains than those who didn’t eat meat,it was explained in an article “Human evolutionary anatomy” by Aiello ,leslie christpher dean, It was explained that the main reason to proper growth of body and brain was known by our ancestors by eating meat which was considered the most high source of energy ,power, and calories and in fact was a main meal so as a result of people nowadays claiming to be vegetarians they are the reasons of them having smaller brains and also occupying a smaller mass than our old ancestor due to a decrease in body figure which is caused by a decrease in the main energy source which is meat.

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Some people turn into vegetarians to avoid the killing of animals. On the contrary, to serve the vegetarian diet, deforestation is needed to provide land for crops. As a result many animals will be homeless; being vegetarian has nothing to do with saving animals. “Vegetarian diet kills animals too”. Some of these animals are rabbits and mice. Also deforestation may cause soil erosion and water floods which may lead to severe extinction in some animal species and gives room for natural selection and may also lead to the death of water creatures.

Another misconception about being vegetarian is that vegetarians live more than non-vegetarians. However, according to oxford vegetarians may live one to three years more than non vegeterians according to scientific researches. Vegetarians’ diet has decreased cholesterol and fatty acids level and the decrease in diet of meat and fish needs to be compensated by taking nutritional pills, which might be harmful and might negatively affect the personnel health.

Socially, vegetarians are afraid of people’s sarcasm since some people see that as an awkward situation. It’s only enclosed to adults, but also children are sometimes forced to eat meat by their colleagues or by just some sort of school bully. When a vegetarian is around people may act differently either being so nice and supporting or being really sarcastic.

There are several ways in which animals are being killed before being supplied as food for use to easily buy and eat. these ways are divided into 2 main ways Mainstream way in which the animals are firstly stunned mechanically or by gas or even by electricity and then they are left unconscious and moved to another place where their throat is being cut off and then they are sent to the butchers to cut the meat into small pieces or left as a whole to be sold to meat companies or a other butcher shops, this was is commonly used in the uk following the prescribed Eu community of the Uk. This method of killing is considered inhumanly as for some cases the animals may wake up from the unconsciousness stage a might be fully conscious and feel the pain. this method is used with most animals even rabbits and other farmed animals. the other method is the ritual method in which the animal is being strangely hit till it looses consciousness but the darks side of that is that the animal may also gain back conscious before their throats are being cut off and may also suffer which is against the animal rights agencies.

At last, it is agreed on that vegetarians are healthier than the non vegetarians due to their highly decreased percentage of fat and cholesterol usage level in the blood but as it is below normal, vegetarians should compensate this deficiency by taking some pills which is extracted from a non animal source. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cause increasing their life spam as people may think. On the other hand, the pleasure of having a meat containing diet is being missed by vegans and that there is no religion forbidden eating meat unless it is done under each religion’s certain laws of eating it. In relation to the above, if animals should or must be killed then not by those painful means mentioned, instead by merciful means that doesn’t put them through pain, and for people who are planning to turn to vegetarians take care of the deficiencies and don’t let saving animals and caring for them lead u to miscarriage of yourself and ending yourself up in a poorer situation than an animal itself.

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