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Treatment for Patients with Trauma After Head-on Collisions

The Optimal Treatment for Patients with Trauma Following Head-on Collisions

Trauma patients always call for specialized treatment and also care in a bid to save their lives. The existing literature always underpins the conviction that trauma-related mortality could be worked down through promptly absolute consideration conveyed by means of a multidisciplinary approach. Each health care institution with an enthusiasm for looking after the injured ought to assess its internal human and office- based assets in order to create a protocol for suitable multidisciplinary group activation. Building the Trauma Team Activation Policy for many health centers is an internal hospital/Trauma Systems Committee examination. The essential objective of trauma group initiation criteria is to guarantee that the necessary resources in line with addressing the clinical needs of injured patients are always accessible. This is clearly outlined in the Trauma Team Activation policy (Stiell & Wells, 2011).

PICO Framework

In line with coming up with the clinical question, the PICO framework is pertinent:

P represents the patient’s problem or population. The chief concern of the patient is given credit in this regard.

I represents intervention where one has to come clearly up with what he plans to do with the patient.

C represents comparison, where an alternative has to be sought in case the first way fails.

O represents outcome, which is what is expected in the end.

Clinical Question

What can be the best clinical interventions and predictions post triage activation for head-on collisions?


Identification: The identification was mainly done by database searching, where links that were pertinent to the research were readily available. This entailed gaining insight from the most recent sources and the available pieces. There were two sources that were purely found on the internet and were easy to locate.

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Screening: The screening entailed considering the issues being outlined in the sources identified. Those sources that touched on both the policy and the response from different quotas were considered. Those that were narrow in their perspective were excluded in a bid to ensure that the information matched the needed criteria. In the long-run, five articles were deemed relevant and eligible for the research.

Eligibility: There article that was considered for eligibility. However, after assessing the keenness and the way the article related to the clinical question, some information was deemed ineligible. The considerations given an upper hand were how the head-on-collision were to be treated and how the team was to respond.

Aim: To understand the main issues necessary to be handled in line with the head-on collisions.

The fundamental trauma causes of TBI incorporate violent hostility, transportation accidents, and falls. TBI victims are for the most part young men aged seven to10. TBI-related results advance past recorded fatalities. They can also be seen towards victims who survive trauma.

These people may exhibit physical, cognitive, correspondence, and behavioral incapacities. They can also exhibit inadequacies at a few levels in line with enduring issues on social and occupational levels. The outcomes of trauma consequences also touch the exploited people’s families. These are families who might be viewed as concealed exploited people. An emergency in the family system frequently emerges. It is also the rise of sicknesses that bargain the family’s capacity to function and recover (Cotton, Dossett & Haut, 2010).

The support of the speech therapist in the multidisciplinary team provides care to TBI victims. This care is significant people because this proficient will can survey the particular needs of the exploited people at an early stage. This can be conducted in line with communicative skills and other related issues. This is carried out to prevent, minimize, or avoid possible trauma squeal. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has given out one of the effects of Trauma (Cotton, Dossett and Haut 2010). They have said patients with traumatic cerebrum damage may encounter challenges in discovering words to communicate. They may also encounter problems in understanding a thought through discourse, composition, or reading. This dialect or speech and cognitive modifications compromise an individual’s correspondence to several degrees. These levels range from minimal to extensive.


Speech and language processing activities include notable exercises in the cerebral cortex. Thusly, several sorts of changes in the Central Nervous System (CNS) may bring about different kinds of language or speech issue. Trauma is the leading cause of death in the initial four decades of life in Norway. Esposito and associates have shown that one out of four deaths brought about by trauma could be prevented with better trauma care. They have also found that the preventable death rate declined to 15% after system change. Chiara and associates found that 43% of deaths caused by trauma were probably preventable. They also found that in excess of half of trauma patients received wrong medicine in the hospital. A most recent study revealed that most medication treatments still take place in the crisis room stage. The study has also found that one of the 12 deaths was considered possibly preventable (Cotton, Dossett & Haut 2010).

Validity and Reliability

Qualitative Research is an essential exploratory research. It is utilized to increase an understanding of underlying reasons, assumptions, and inspirations. Quantitative Research is normally used to analyze the problem hin different ways. One of the ways is creating numerical information that could be converted into usable facts. It is used to quantify mentality, suppositions, practices, and other characterized variables. It also sums up results from a bigger group of individuals (Klugh 2009). Quantitative Research uses measurable information to form truths and uncover designs in research. Quantitative data collection systems are significantly more organized than Qualitative data collection systems. Quantitative data collection incorporates different manifestations of studies. Some of these studies include online overviews, paper reviews, versatile studies and booth reviews. Other studies include eye to eye meetings, phone meetings, longitudinal studies, site interceptors, online surveys, and efficient perceptions.

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In Norwegian hospital centers, there are different groups dealing with trauma. This variety enhances the success of a group association. There is also a critical range of the hospital centers regarding trauma burden (Mallor 2005). Hospital centers vary in size from small hospitals with few traumatized patients to doctor’s facilities. Different projects have been made to treat trauma in the country. The BEST Foundation created a Norwegian production model using reproductions for group production of healing facility trauma groups. The focus of this production system is on non-specialized abilities as communication, initiative and collaboration (Robertson 2011).

It is worth noting that the etiological, disciplinary and regulatory social processes intersect in line with patients who have had accidents, and always influence the progression of this illness. Despite the fact that the precise explanation for most maladjustments is not known, it is coming to be clear through exploration that a number of these conditions are initiated by trauma and recuperation from a maladjustment is not essentially a matter of will and self-discipline (Cotton, Dossett and Haut 2010). The society needs to support these people, on all fronts, in order to ensure that they fit in all settings. This can be done through contribution of funds to the charity, mainly in monthly subscriptions. This will help build on the awareness of the ailment, and also enlighten the society on the importance of accommodating these patients. People can also offer counseling sessions, both to the victim and his or her family. This will help weed out any fears of the positive relations that existed in the society. People always gear towards attaining and advocating for trauma health: the ability to like life and adapt to its tests. Issues that influence this limit are shifted in sort and intensity. In some intense cases the term psychiatric ailment, or trauma, is utilized. Trauma issues can affect both youngsters and mature people. Changes in correspondence abilities, social aptitudes, and swallowing examples (dysphagia) are characteristics of trauma issues that discourse and dialect specialists may be included with (Holbrook 2012).

Data collection

Sampling technique was embraced (Healey 2011). At present the greater part of open use in trauma goes on individuals experiencing trauma- who are around a quarter of a million individuals. At any one opportunity there are 1 million individuals experiencing the clinical sorrow, and an alternate 4 million experiencing clinical uneasiness states (Holbrook 2012). For these assemblies, the discouraged and the frightful, there is very nearly nothing aside from a couple of minutes. A significant number of these individuals don’t need pills yet they do need trauma treatment. As per the Psychiatric Morbidity Survey under a 50% of all the individuals experiencing dejection were gaining any medicine, and under 10% were appropriating any trauma treatment. For individuals with uneasiness each of these figures ought to be split. This is completely unacceptable. Assuming that individuals have any industrious physical ailment like asthma, pulse or skin malady they immediately see an authority.

There are two purposes behind this disregard. One is stigma and the different is an uncommon deferred reaction to the way that we now have medications that work, which we didn’t have 50 years back. Therapists and doctors say that the brain can be subdivided into many different areas and structures. Cognitive behavior therapy has dealt with a number of disorders one of which is social phobia and others disorders that manipulate people’s thoughts and feelings, this therapy is famous for treating disorders though not most of them and is the most form of modern psychotherapy practiced widely. When they are attacked, they tend to sweat, blush, urgent masturbation, heart pounds, dry lips, nausea, voice trembles, and tension of the muscles. This is also believed to be a common disorder in adults around the world. The people who have the bigger percentage of the disorder are single individuals and their socioeconomic status is low. Therapists have made developments in relation to the treatment of phobia and research more about the disorder, they have been doing this for the past decades; this is because they know that the disorder can neither be medicated nor diagnosed. The existence of the cognitive behavioral therapy to treat social phobia has made efforts to treat the disorder effectively compared to other supportive and wait list therapies. This therapy is intended to provide training to their clients according to how the therapy works, they focus on creating the tie between the negative thinking or assumptions and the anxiety they suffered in their condition.

The cognitive behavioral therapy concentrates much on trauma cases and information processing. Patients suffering from disorders are given a chance to know their problem and know the cause of the catastrophe, this done through being diagnosed by the therapist. Although its focus is on people’s thoughts and feelings it cannot treat all trauma problems caused by disorders but it mainly focuses on the symptoms of schizophrenia. A therapist has to help the patient to create the link between the patient’s thoughts and feelings and later find out the solution to the problem on the ground. In the ABC model that was introduced by Ellis and Harper states that the patient has to make a link between his or her belief and its problems not forgetting the activating events. The therapist has to find a way of making the patient improve on the negative attitude and concentrate o the positive side of life (Kouraklis & Spirakos 2012).

Authority of Trauma Team Activation Policy

Protocols for any given Trauma Team Activation ought to be determined by various variables. The latter have to incorporate characterizing the most severely injured patients and hence determine the prompt resource needs to convey ideal consideration to the patient. The contemplations ought not to remain solitary as actuation criteria, but be assessed in the setting of physiologic, anatomic and mechanism of the given injury criteria. This is done in anticipation of the probability of increased danger of morbidity and mortality that may warrant a more thorough reaction and assessment than that of the given trauma patient. The document elucidates that Trauma Activation Criteria ought to be dependent upon least ACS criteria and other authoritative guidelines. The approach characterizes the person answerable for corresponding with EMS in regards to an inbound trauma patient. It also considers how specialists affirm how they are mindful of initiation ought, and to whom they impart. Extra criteria ought to be dependent upon accessible resources as recognized through discussions with trauma colleagues, therapeutic direction and health organizations. The policy characterizes every part and obligations, and incorporates doctors, specialists, nursing, laboratory staff, profound consideration, social administrations, clinic organization and any relevant members of the group. Trauma is caused by traffic collisions. It is one of the most outstanding causes for death in people aged 10 to 24. There is awkwardness in the prevalence of the danger of traffic related trauma in developed and underdeveloped countries. Both of these countries must have the higher risk which may be found in the future. Components include infrastructure quickens mechanization of its population.


Trauma Team Activation policy is an exceptional domain of being and life as a unique condition. It relates to the same way that science is an uncommon domain of science, dissimilar from physical science. The policies contention is that, if the trauma things rolling out from the brains of living things are a dissimilar domain of presence, then strictly physical hypotheses about the inceptions of life. For example many hypothesis, cannot be deemed as completely right. Life cannot have gone out exclusively from a primordial concoction response, and the methodology of characteristic choice cannot represent the formation of the domain of brain (Stiell & Wells 2011). Trauma Team Activation policy turns into a contingent of ideas that are drastically different from the head-on collision. It is worth noting that it manages an unlimited and urgent domain of phenomena that physical science does not, on any front include, accurately because they are major parts of living things. Research always indicates the effectiveness of the treatment approaches which come as a result of using various principles of the contingency management. This includes giving tangible rewards to patients in a bid to reinforce them towards the positive behaviors. The Psychosocial counseling treatment and methadone programs stated that the incentive-based interventions are effectively promoting drug abstinence and even trying to increase treatment attentions.

Reference List

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