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Scientific Inventions On Human Life

which either helps or completely solves humans problems that he or she face in daily life. According to invention is:

“New scientific or technical idea, and the means of its embodiment or accomplishment. To be patentable, an invention must be novel, have utility, and be non-obvious. To be called an invention, an idea only needs to be proven as workable. But to be called an innovation, it must also be replicable at an economical cost, and must satisfy a specific need. That’s why only a few inventions lead to innovations because not all of them are economically feasible.”

And according to Wikipedia scientific invention is

“An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product, or a new process for creating an object or a result. An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough. Such works are novel and not obvious to others skilled in the same field.”

These definitions are enough to tell us or are enough to make us understand the meaning of scientific inventions but the question is why we need scientific inventions?

“Sometimes, the things They say, the laws They make, the way the world spins doesn’t make any sense at all…

Which is exactly why you have to ask “Why?” and keep on asking until you get the TRUTH…”

― Joe Kelly, Douglas Fredericks and the House of They

And that is exactly why we need inventions to find the truth behind the things we do not understand. And we need inventions to help us understand that truth and help us use it to our own benefit. Like scientists discovered electricity by inventing different inventions and then they used electricity to their own benefit now the entire world is using electricity.

The effect of scientific inventions on human life is huge. So huge that it is difficult to comprehend it but I will try and explain a little in my essay. Inventions have changed our lives it has revolutionized every aspect of our life. if we look at our means of communication then we will see that first we used to communicate with letters, but then telegram was invented which was a faster way to communicate but not fast enough then telephone was invented which made our lives easier and made us communicate with our loved ones so easily and made it made possible for us to communicate with someone who is miles away from us. And now days it is even possible to video chat with anyone on any part of the world and this entire have been made possible due to the scientific inventions. Then with the progress of science and its inventions the means of travel have also changed in the early times people have to travel through horse and camels and they completed their journey in months even in years but due to development in scientific inventions it is now possible to travel distances of thousands of miles in hours or days. Due to scientific inventions we were able to find answer to our question which we thought we can never answer, like people used to say that humans cannot fly but due to the advancements of scientific inventions we can now fly in the air with the help of an airplane. In our daily life we use a lot of scientific inventions, like television, fridge, fans, laptops, mobile phones, micro wave Owens, tube light, cars, bikes, and many more of scientific inventions they have made our life more luxurious and made our work more easy and less time consuming it has granted us to do things in minutes which we did in days, months even its has completely changed our lifestyles and altogether our lives they are a blessing on us.

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”

― Pablo Picasso

Due to scientific inventions cure of many diseases have been found which were thought incurable in earlier times. The life expectance has increased drastically in earlier times many people died of disease which are now extinct due to new techniques and invention invented by scientists. In new types of drugs are invented to cure the incurable diseases vaccines have made many disease extinct. Doctor uses many kinds of inventions to diagnose patient’s diseases. This has made it easy for them to t find out what is wrong with their patient. Doctor use inventions like x-ray machines, USG machines, angiography machines, laparoscopic devices and monitors, CT scan machines, MRI machines, digital thermometer, digital blood pressure machines, blood sugar measuring devices, Stethoscopes, torches, laryngoscopes, otoscope and many more. If these inventions were not available to them they might not be able to diagnose some disease or might diagnoses it in correctly and the patient may die but these inventions have made it possible to look up all kind of diseases in human body and also have made it possible to cure it and because of some scientific inventions now surgeries of tumors which were in operatable are now operate able. And due to these inventions surgeries of hrs have decreased to minutes and with minimum side affect.

Engineers have made up dams to prevent floods which also help in producing electricity and provide water to agricultural land. Due to scientific inventions now it is possible to save ourselves from natural disaster as inventions have been invented which predict the natural disasters before they have happened. And can be used to save many people from natural disasters.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible

Arthur C. Clarke is absolutely correct because scientific inventions have done the unimaginable it has enabled us to go to the moon which we thought was impossible and now due to scientific invention we final seen moon closely enough to understand it and can go in space and wander in it.

Computer is the most amazing invention of all time it has made everyone’s life easy it has finished gaps between people by internet it has made all the knowledge known to man open to everyone in the world through internet it has solved so many problems of people that it is difficult to write them all

“I know there’s a proverb which that says ‘To err is human,’ but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries.”

― Agatha Christie, Hallowe’en Party

Electricity the biggest invention of all time and the most important invention of all time. Now a day’s almost everything runs on electricity. Electricity has brightened our nights and given us cold winds in summers. It has made us to communicate with each other by telephones and it has completely changed our life.

Scientific inventions have also revolutionized factories it has increased their production as machines produce more than human they get more work done than humans in a specific time. Now machines are available which make a product in more efficient way which is less time consuming and less money consuming and is still better than before.

Where scientific inventions have so many advantages there are some disadvantages too. Scientific inventions have made people so much dependent on technology and inventions that it is now very difficult for people to function or carry on with their life without these inventions like if now we have to walk to place we will have so much difficulty. Scientific inventions have made people so lazy and they have become their slave they are dependent to do everything in their life with the help of scientific inventions. Scientific inventions have made people jobless as in factories and many offices machines have taken place of humans as machines are more efficient and are money efficient too. And due to these new scientific inventions and scientific inventions have also increased pollution in our environment which have created a lot of problems, it is destroying our environment and killing our planet slowly. These scientific inventions although have made life more luxurious but have made it a lot more complex and complicated. Due to scientific inventions the noise pollution have increased, anywhere we go we will not find peace and quiet traffic has so much increased in the cities that people want to escape from the traffic and hide from it in remote areas. Due to new inventions world is facing new type of dangers which they did not even new about like genetic mutation due to nuclear reactors, fumes coming out of factories are responsible for destroying ozone and global warming. Now people are facing danger due to scientific inventions.

Now new type of entertainment sources have made people useless has they waste their time on watching television all day long. Then children waste their time on video games and internet. Children instead of doing their homework or studying they waste their time on internet and video games and these technology is so expensive and people waste their money on it. Many people cannot afford it and their children want these things so they start earning money the wrong way to buy those things. Academic performance of people is decreasing because people are wasting their time watching television and internet many people are addicted to it. And this all is creating diseases and disorders such as obesity, laziness, loss of personality and it has also affected their eye sight. It has disabled us from of friendly and face to face communication chance with each other. Because of scientific inventions people do not get any kind of physical activity or exercise. Which has increased diseases such as obesity which is very common now-a-days. There are some inventions which are too complex for some people and they cannot use it so the feel inferior to others which has created gaps and jealousy between people. To make electricity, which runs most of the scientific inventions is made by exhausting fossil fuels which is killing our world slowly although scientists have found methods to make electricity by renewable sources but they are more expensive than the traditional ways which takes up many resources and is creating a lot of and all kinds of pollution in our world.

The biggest and disastrous scientific inventions are weapons which have made this world a living hell. They have destroyed the peace of this world and have imposed the fear of war in every persons mind. Every day hundreds of thousands of people die due to these monstrous inventions and they are the sole reason for terrorism. Countries are wasting so much money on the research and development of weapons so the powerful may remain powerful so they can impose their command on the less powerful. Nuclear weapons have been developed to wipe out whole countries from the face of the earth. So many people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during world war 2because of atomic bombs, even in Pakistan so many people have died in suicide bombing. And in other incident of terrorism. People that they made these weapons to defend themselves but if there were no weapons then from what they needed defending from. On name of defense they kill and slaughter people. This is absolutely wrong.

In the end I would only say that it is not the inventions but it is their use that has made them harmful if the same thing is used for good it becomes a blessing for everyone but if that thing is used for evil purposes then it becomes accurse for whole humanity some people use scientific invention for the benefit of people and the world and others use it for the destruction and evil so this does not make the invention good or bad it makes it user good or bad because when something is invented it is usually is invented for the benefit of human kind but its user may use it for evil or good like computer was invented to solve and help people with their problems but people now even use it for hacking into other peoples personal files and stealing money from people. So scientific inventions have both disadvantages and advantages but the number of advantages is so great that we can over look its disadvantages, because now these inventions have made over life so easy that now we cannot live without them we need them in every aspect of our life.

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