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History and Types of Regiment Units

At first, there is the MOD (Ministry of Defence) which is a British department in the government that is responsible the defence policy set by the majesty government and the British armed forces. The Ministry of Defence mainly objectives are to defend the UK of Great Britain and North Ireland and to strengthen them with stability and peace. The MOD also protects independence security of interest of the United Kingdom whether is in the UK or out of the UK. Michael Fallon is currently the minister that is responsible of the Ministry of Defence.

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Then seconded in line is the 1st Division which is a large military unit with normally around 15-20 thousand soldiers. In most armies, a division is usually separated between brigades or regiments. The division is big, but they also can be small a combined armed unit that can do independent operations. The 1st Division is at the top of the armed divisions in the United Kingdom and are 7th in the world, which are also in charge of the roles they give to the soldiers to set out their authority. The division is a defensive army that serves for Britain resilience and fights with a few brigades and other armies from other countries. Of course, a major-general is in charge of the 1st Division but is also aided by three other Brigades such as the 4th Mechanized Brigade (The Black Rats), the 20th Armoured Brigade (The Iron Fist), and the 7th Armoured Brigade (Desert Rats).
Brigades are major tactical military units that are usually made up of 3-6 battalions. Brigades are equal to a large unit of regiments, with 2 more brigades it would then make up a division. Brigades are normally in infantries or armoured units.
The 4th Mechanized Brigade is based in Yorkshire and does mostly operational missions within the north-east of England. They have 2 forces under its command which are the Army Cadet Force and the Combined Cadet Force. The 4th Mechanized Brigade is basically under the command of the 1st Division to train the 18 forces they have under their command but the one who is in charge of the Black rats is Brigadier Charlie Hebert who is a one-star officer. Sir Herbert is then responsible to retain the conduct and discipline of his armoured military sized unit.
However as for the 20th Armoured brigade is different from the black rats, for starters even though they are a British army they are based in Germany but are looking to relocate their headquarters back to the United Kingdom in a few years to come. This brigade had its most recent operation in Iraq, and is not back in Germany but is aiding the Afghanistan army as for now. From this The Iron Fist is an army that is not only part of the 1st Division but also from the 3rd Division who are also titled The Iron Division. This Division only has 3 separate brigades, Infantry Brigade and only one Logistic Brigade; all of the 3 brigades are based in the United Kingdom. The Brigadier who is responsible for the black rats is Brigadier Mike Elviss.

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The 7th Armoured Brigade also called the Desert Rats and are quite similar with “The Iron Fist” even though the 7th Armoured Brigade were renamed into the 7th Infantry Brigade but still have the name the Desert Rats as it’s a nickname for the Brigade. For some reason their motto/shout out is “Floreat jerboa” which means in English; in the English translation “Let the Desert Rats flourish”. Again they have brigadier that is in command of this brigade and the other 49 brigades that has been combined with the original o be named the 7th Infantry Brigade.
Regiments are a military unit that varies their role and size depending on their country and their armed service who have a smaller size of units that are then called a battalion. A battalion is also a military unit that consist of 300-800 soldiers. Battalions are mostly commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Even though a battalion is one small military organization they are still capable of independent operations that are limited. The lowest level someone could get in a battalion unit is either an executive officer or the support and service unit. The term company in the armed forces is used only when a private military made out of 4-10 soldiers are providing armed combat. Private Military Company’s like to call their staff as security contractors or private contractors. Private military companies also like to call their business generally as the Circuit which hires mostly mercenaries and bodyguards.


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