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Allegorical Connections Within Dantes Inferno Philosophy Essay

In Dante’s inferno many allegorical connections exist. This phenomenon connections made the text mean something more than just going through hell. To fully understand Dante’s full meaning of the inferno I must have a knowledge of the reacurring. Which include the symbolism of the journey as a lifetime, gods justice, and the mystery of evil.

The entire going through hell is like going through life, since it even relates to salvation. In hell as it is in real life there are circles to which one must go through if one becomes part of Satan’s world. Hell exist to punish sin,and the relevance of hells specific punishments to testify the divine perfection that all sins violate. Dante sees that the sinners go through stages in hell depending on their sins. It is like another life since the fact that if when one is alive and we do not believe in something one will be in that specific circle of hell because to god one must deserve what was believed at first. As Virgil and Dante proceed he becomes to realize that gods punishment are well reinforced with the protection of guards such as demons and monsters. This relates to the church, for example a catholic church is protected by the father, and will try to lead his followers unless they fall into bad hands which in this case relates to sinners falling into a deeper circle. One as human may confess to help ones self maintain a good position in the hands of god. Sadly for those who were born before god have no choice but to be in circle referred to as limbo where unbaptized virtuous pagans go to. The first way one could fall in back in the wrong place would be if we don’t believe god is love. Because love wonder and awe play an important part to the justification of circle two since that’s were people with lost reason go to. This here is were Francesca came to play an important example because she is in a terrible storm swirling with lustful people. Its kinda like loyalty in the real world. People always want the prohibited when they cant have it. Which then leads to the gluttonous were they lay in mud and endure filth because they either eat to much or not enough. For this torment seemed to be the great punishment because ” their own sins had been flipped against them” VII 31-35. This could easily be related to a person wanting to dedicate themselves to wanting their every desire witch then is punished.

While trying to reach god justice through this punishments Dante comes to find out about all the different stages which also include circle four the hoarders or wasters. The ones who are sincerely careless of what they waste or have in excess. To explain gods justice better, we could refer to the ten commandments and how the humans must follow them if they wish to respect god and his ways the correct way, for example never must one put ones self before god, at all times must we support his justice by believing in him cause if u don’t believe u will end up with Lucifer. Never does one think the actions we commit in life will affect us, but to understand it better in the ways Dante came to realize is that one will get what one ask for with ones actions. To the people who are religious and for example follow Catholicism they know that honoring their all powerful one must both believe n show by taking action. Such example include passing the word of god, baptizing ones kid to deliver them from sin cause we don’t want the person stuck in limbo later on. Gods justice is not to punish the person its about being fair with what they deserve for example thinking there’s no after life after the one u already have is really bad for those who are Catholics because to them one its “disrespectful and really arrogant” XX 28-30 ,second u will end up in circle six with the heretics forever living ones no life inside a grave for all eternity.

How god punishes sinners is perfect because one gets nothing less or nothing more than what you ask for. This here is the mystery of evil by ending up in a specific circle. Such example could be every monster n how it actually is Satan in some form. This evil mystery could even relate to politics on how there is always someone superior to everyone else such as Obama n how he has the power to make laws. However to the fact of being in hell the one who would be in charge would be Minos’s because he is a judge of hell who sentences sinners to a particular degree for example circle 7-8 wich took them mimics as the earthly symbol for fraud. One can constantly stand up to people out in the public but not many have really stood up to their own thing. Well unfortunately there are some who do but end up disrespecting one another such example could be protesters in life trying to get to someone. Dante realized in circle nine where its all frozen that this are the reasons to why people are here,the people in a way “destroyed the holy trinity through treachery” IX3-39. So if gods ways are not fulfilled in Earth then the justice of this action will cause eternal pain for those who end up up in hell.

Each part in hell has its own meaning and protector. Even though those protectors have many shapes they are all pretty much the same person which in this case is Satan The characteristics is what makes this comedy so great. For example we have Medusa the gorgon with furies that if we ever see her in the eye ones self is forever frozen. Such example in how this could relate to us in the daily life’s of us could be if we ever event think of threatening a president by pointing a gun to his head we forever would be in jail. My point being is we have no option its just something one must never do. No matter how tempting it might seems at times. Another character I wanna mention is Cerberus because he is like men best friend only instead of keeping the bad guys from ones house Cerberus is keeping them all in one spot.

Hell is not just a place of punishment it is a complete new world that revolves greatly with gods ways and getting

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