Research on the Defence of Diminished Responsibility

Research Proposal Provocation, diminished responsibility and the reasonable (wo)man; the implications of the Law Reform Commission’s recommendations. Introduction The crime of murder is one defined by the common law as the intention to unlawfully kill another human being with malice afore thought. Currently, in England and Wales the legal system does not differentiate between different … Read More»

Acupuncture for Chronic Headache in Primary Care

Research Critique Introduction Research involves the use of systematic procedures to answer an inquiry. It involves data collection, synthesis and analysis in the light of the question or inquiry; and formulation of conclusions and recommendations, (Badke, 2004). General types of research include experimental studies which “are used to test the effect of a treatment or … Read More»

Employment Law Problem Question

Title: EMPLOYMENT LAW : In undertaking this essay, the writer will; identify the issues involved in Julia’s case scenario, define and explain those issues using relevant Law whilst applying them to Julia’s case. The writer will subsequently advice Julia and then conclude. The legal issues identified in Julia’s case are; contract of employments and their … Read More»

Analysis of the Postal Rule

The purpose of this brief is to examine and evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the Postal rule in the modern context of contract law. Generally, the Postal rule is used to resolve disputes where there is no formal communication received, or it is delayed by post. It is a set of principles that allow … Read More»

Diabetes: Questions and Answers

DIABETES Diabetes Mellitus The medical name for diabetes mellitus comes from the Greek word that means to siphon and the Latin word that means sweet like honey. Diabetes mellitus is the name given to a group of conditions where there is too much glucose in the blood. It affects approximately 3% of the population. There … Read More»

Equity and Trusts – Problem Question

James has died recently, and has left a properly executed will in respect of his estate. There are a number of provisions in this will, including a substantial financial legacy to his sister, a trust over James’ leasehold estate for which the trustee has since died, a trust of £100,000 for the purpose of benefitting … Read More»

Difference Between Gift Exchange and Market Transactions

What is the difference between gift exchange and market transactions, and how do they both relate to gender relations? Introduction Karl Polanyi (1968), in his critique of the principles that underlie the formalist approach to economic analysis, attempted to define the tools by which the economies of ‘traditional’ societies could be analysed. Central to the … Read More»

Concept of Natural Legal Personality in English Law

Discuss the  drawing examples from your studies, bibliography. Natural law is the law that exists independently of the positive law of a given political order, society or nation state. As a genre, natural law is the law of nature that is the theory that some things are as they are because they are. The central theme … Read More»

Remedial and Institutional Constructive Trusts

Title: “The remedial constructive trust has taken root in the United States and Canada: it is unlikely to do so in England” Millett LJ in Restitution and Constructive Trusts 1998 114 LQR p399. Explain the differences between remedial and institutional constructive trusts and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Discuss whether judges in England … Read More»

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Contents Introduction Chapter 2: The impacts of domestic violence on children Chapter 3: Protecting children from domestic violence Chapter 5: The multi-agency approach to child protection Chapter 6: Policies to protect children against domestic violence Conclusions and Recommendations References Introduction This dissertation looks at domestic violence and the impacts domestic violence has on children and … Read More»

Nurse-led Clinics in Respiratory Care: a Literature Review

INTRODUCTION 1. What is a nurse-led clinic? As the coined term suggests, a nurse-led clinic is a health care centre in which nurses are involved in high level specialist procedures and assessments. In such centres, nurses are the critical decision makers, being involved in patient care at the micro-, meso-, and macro-levels. While the role … Read More»

John Hopkins: Constitution of Trusts

A beneficiary under a trust is a volunteer unless he has provided valuable consideration.[1] Where a gift is made, the beneficiary will always be a volunteer as it is by definition made without consideration. The traditional equitable maxim is that equity will not assist a volunteer.[2] This generally means that where a gift is made imperfectly, equity … Read More»

UK Books and Publishing Industry Analysis

Table of Contents 1. Introduction5 1.1 Objective5 1.2 Reasons for Choosing the UK Books and Publishing Industry6 2. Industry Overview9 2.1 Market Size and Attraction10 2.2 Market Sectors10 2.2.2 Paperback11 2.2.3 Electronic11 2.2.4 Fiction11 2.2.5 Non-fiction11 2.3 Industry Target Markets12 2.4 Market Sales, Performance and Activities14 2.4.1 Domestic Market14 2.4.2 Export Sales15 2.4.3 Imports16 2.5 Publishing Companies17 … Read More»

Decision of the House of Lords in Street V Mountford

“The decision of the House of Lords in Street v Mountford in 1985 represented a sea-change in the approach of the courts” (Smith R, Property Law 6th edition (2009) p. 354, Longman Press). Discuss in the context of the court’s approach to the distinction between leases and licences. Introduction Many cases prior to Street v Mountford[1] had attempted to identify the … Read More»

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Title: How Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Theories Can Aid Adolescents Learning in A Design and Technology Secondary School Workshop Main Topic : Education Education is a key stone to one’s future. One of the stages involved in education is the adolescent stage. The education in this period is vital. There are various theories put forward in … Read More»

Marketing Communications: Promotion Strategy for Wimbledon

BACKGROUND AND INTRODUCTION The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (“Club”) located at Wimbledon, is a private club founded in 1868. Its first ground was situated off Worple Road, Wimbledon, and the first Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship was instituted in 1877. By the turn of the century, Wimbledon, as the event had become known … Read More»

Marketing Issues Facing the HSBC Bank in the UK

Key marketing issues facing HSBC Bank in the United Kingdom and globally: How it can be improved for entering in to 2011 Abstract Today’s global banking environment is highly volatile, but this does not hinder competition from being intense. Consequently, organisations such as HSBC Bank plc, “the world’s local bank”, need to align their marketing strategies to … Read More»

Use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression

Major depressive disorders destroy a person’s ability to enjoy many ordinary parts of life. All of the activities which many consider normal such as eating, sleeping, working and playing, become empty for the depressed individual. Research has attempted to address the prevalence of depression and pharmacological treatments have often been the first line of defence … Read More»

Quantitative Research in Patient Safety – Literature Review

Recently, research has occupied a crucial place in nursing that is identified as “the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems” (American Nurses’ Association, 1980 p.9); thus, an appropriate understanding of research literature is a prerequisite for every individual who works in this area (Rees, 2003). Unfortunately, despite the fact … Read More»

The Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers

The rule of law and the separation of powers have a particularly important role to play within the UK’s unwritten constitution. They allocate and restrain power so as to ensure that the constitutional system remains accountable and limited. It is a common observation that the UK does not have a written constitution. However, it is … Read More»

Accounting Ratios for Account Manipulation

How companies manipulate their accounts using accounting ratios? Abstract The emergence of accounting scandals in the US has shaken the world over. Professionals, stakeholders, shareholders and regulatory authorities blame a multitude of factors for the proliferation of cases like Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and Xerox etc. The researcher is of the view that the rising number … Read More»

Development of Health Care Strategies and Policy in the UK

Health and Social Policy Introduction: In this essay we will discuss the health care plans and objectives, beginning with the definition of health and an analysis of the Constitution of the World Health Organization highlighting which are the areas of health care policy that seems to have received greatest attention. Health relates to physical and … Read More»

‘Fair Dealing’ Defences in UK Copyright Law: An Analysis

“The ‘fair dealing’ defences occupy a pivotal position in copyright law. They ensure a balance between the interest of the copyright owner in securing a just return on creative work and the public interest in ensuring that intellectual property does not impede the flow of ideas and information.” J Griffiths Preserving Judicial Freedom of Movement … Read More»

Sale of Goods/Consumer Protection Question

Brief 187810 Sale of Goods/Consumer Protection question To:Mr Supervisor From: Richard Ross Re: Graham Marshall – The Pine Tree I met with Mr Marshall of The Pine Tree on 28th February 2006. Mr Marshall explained that he was being pursued for a claim by The Wine Imporium in respect of 3 items that he had ordered … Read More»

Predicting Individual differences in Mindfulness

Predicting Individual differences in Mindfulness: The role of Trait Anxiety, Openness and Parental Nurturance ­­­­ Abstract Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, intentionally and without judgement to the present moment. Mindfulness training has shown impressive outcomes in a number of areas such as depression and pain reduction; however, the literature has failed to account … Read More»

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