Translation Essays – Sir Frank Whittle

The pioneering work of Sir Frank Whittle in developing the jet engine. The pioneering work of Sir Frank Whittle in developing the jet engine helped transform the way civil aviation operates today.  Indeed, it is probably true to say that without the jet airliner, there would be no package holiday business today and air travel … Read More»

Strategic Planning Methodology

Strategic analysis is a process which is based on three stages: analysis, planning and management. We can divide it into two types: function sense, and tool sense. In case of the function sense strategic analysis is a set of actions which diagnose both. the organisation and its environment, and thus enable build strategic plan and … Read More»

Features of Non-literary Translation

Introduction Text “Banker’s bonuses: Caps on pay are no way to restore the financial system to health” (text 1) and text “Labour conference: Talking to itself” (text 2) are quite different and at the same time share some common features. The title of text 1 suggests that the text is about cutting top-bankers’ salaries and … Read More»

Chritiane Nord’s Notion of ‘Function Plus Loyalty’

INTRODUCTION The emergence of functionalist approaches to translation in the 1970s and 1980s was quite revolutionary in that it marked the move from what Munday (2001: 72) describes as ‘the static linguistic typologies of translation shift’, a term defined by Catford (1965: 73) as ‘departures from formal correspondence in the process of going from the … Read More»

Polish Brewery Market Analysis

MARKET AND COMPETITION ANALYSIS Shareholders, employees with their families and collaborators with their families benefit from the beer business. According to the industry estimates this branch and cooperating industries employs almost 200 000 workers in Europe, and 600 000 is the number of employees who would like work for the brewing industry in the future. … Read More»

Contributions of Functionalist Approaches to Translation

INTRODUCTION The 1980s saw the birth of a number of approaches to Translation Studies (TS henceforth) collectively termed functionalist, which brought about a paradigm shift in the system. This essay examines the strengths and weaknesses as well as the contributions of these functionalist approaches to the field of TS. Structurally, the essay starts with a … Read More»

Medical Translation: Functionalist Approaches

Medical Translation: functionalist approaches Translation is used in every day life and is used in multiple fields of work. Translation is defined in the Collins Dictionary as “a piece of writing or speech that has been translated into another action” and as “the act of translating something”. The two definitions point to the two different … Read More»

Development of Translation Studies and Approaches

Introduction The present monograph is an attempt to demonstrate the fact that Translation Studies is not a mere branch of linguistics but an extensive discipline with many branches and very significant results. In the next pages, there will be four main parts: the first part will focus on the development of translation studies from writings … Read More»

Impact of Globalization on Translation

Introduction Under the circumstances of globalization, the demand for high-quality and high- speed translations has been increasing worldwide. Satisfying these demands may result of the increasing of time and cost for translators and translation companies. Thus how enhance the quality and productivity with low cost is one of the problems. In order to achieve the … Read More»

Using Pragmatic Theories in Translation

Using Pragmatic Theories in Translation By: Brian Friel famously said of translations that, “it is about language and only language.” Could that be true? Is translating from one language to another simply all about the language? Language is the most important tool that is often used to define a course in one’s life. It is used … Read More»

Major Language into a Minor Language | Example Translation Essay

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Example Translation Essay Translation from a major language into a minor one is very different from translating in the opposite direction. Introduction It has been suggested that minority languages are not even acknowledged in many … Read More»

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