How does Southeast Asian Cultural Background Affect House Purchase Decision in Australia?

RESEARCH PROPOSAL WORKING TITLE How does Southeast Asian Cultural Background Affect House Purchase Decision in Australia? RESEARCH QUESTION AND INDUSTRY PROBLEM [20%*]   MAIN QUESTION How does Southeast Asian Cultural Background Affect House Purchase Decision in Australia? SUB-QU 1 What are the criteria for Southeast Asia countries when they are purchasing properties in Australia? SUB-QU … Read More»

Risk Analysis of Service Apartments

Risk Analysis of Service Apartments Contents Executive Summary What are Serviced Apartments? Why Buy a Serviced Apartment? Industry Analysis Snapshot Legal and Regulatory What is the Planning Issue? Subject Property Background Site Description Modification Timeline Accommodation 2 Bedroom Apartments 1 bedroom apartments Recent Sales References Executive Summary   Prepared by   Franco Valuations Pty Ltd Client    Mr … Read More»

The UK Property Market

Residential Property The United Kingdom enjoyed serious property boom for over a decade. The property boom slowed down when the economic meltdown commenced in 2008. During the boom years the value of property in the United Kingdom soared, and in some cases the value of properties rose by over 200 percent (Cameron, 2005:5). One of … Read More»

Asbestos In Buildings: Types and Health Effects

Asbestos in buildings – current status Introduction Asbestos has been used for more than 2,000 years. It was named by the Ancient Greeks, its name meaning “inextinguishable”. Even then the Greeks noted the harmful affects of asbestos, as they noticed the slaves that wove the asbestos into cloth form had developed respiratory problems after studying … Read More»

Issues of the Development of Brownfield Sites

Introduction: Brownfield land, or previously developed land (PDL), “… is that which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure.” This is the definition given in Planning Policy Statement 3 (PPS3) Housing, by the British Government, however in the United States the … Read More»

Problem of Oversupply in the Office Market: Solutions

Proposed Office oversupply solution. Businesses are developing very quickly in the UK and around the world; the shapes of businesses in the world are changing and evolving very quickly. In this assignment we will try to find out long-term and short-term solutions to the problem of oversupply in the office market. Before we can propose … Read More»

A Study of Building Obsolescence in Standard Design

Abstract Once the building is obsolete cause by the defect of varying physical deterioration an ageing of various component and building of various age. The primary objective of this dissertation is to find out life cycle of building element and obsolescence and the effect for the building obsolescence. The definition and differentiation between obsolescence and … Read More»

Intellectual Property Rights And Traditional Knowledge

Traditional knowledge encompasses the beliefs, knowledge, practices, innovations, arts, spirituality, and other forms of cultural practices that belong to indigenous communities worldwide. The intergovernmental board on rational property and inherent resources, customary awareness and tradition has met ten times since 2001 and the Tenth Session took place in Geneva, 30 November-8 December 2006. The committee … Read More»

Factors that Influence Buyer Decision for Property

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction of Study Nowadays, the demands for houses increase every year. In Malaysia, housing demands include all sorts of houses which are low cost houses, medium cost houses and also high cost houses. All the demands for the houses come from all kind of income groups based on their income. The … Read More»

Ireland Building Costs – Shipping Container House vs House

Chapter 1 An outline of aim and objectives. A review of the research undertaken by others. An outline of what will be discussed throughout the thesis. 1.1 Thesis Structure Chapter One Introduction This section introduces the thesis topic, outlines aims and objectives and briefly explains the current housing situation in Dublin. Chapter Two Literature Review The … Read More»

Ireland Social Housing History and Evolution

I. List of tables and Figures Table 1 Number of Private Families in Occupation of Tenements of One-Room (1911-1936) Table 2 Characteristics of Tenure among Irish Households Table 3 List of The top 10 AHBs by size Table 4 Vacancy rate by type and region in 2011 Table 5 2015-2017 Residential units minimum requirement Table … Read More»

Land Property Rights

A number of prominent cases concerning land and property rights, which have mainly involved women, have been addressed throughout the previous few decades. The above scenario states fundamental principles within the rule of law that have been raised in past cases. In consequence, this paper will be considering various different outcomes of important court decisions, … Read More»

What is property management?

This essay aims to define Property Management, Facilities Management and Asset management as well as comparing and contrasting the three management sectors. It begins with a description of the three management sectors, and then goes on to differentiate between them. The essay then goes on to draw conclusions based on the comparisons. WHAT IS PROPERTY … Read More»

Importance of intellectual property rights

IMPORTANCE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS- Intellectual property rights are accepted all over the world due to some important reasons. They were essentially recognized for the acceptations of these rights are:- Provides incentive to the individual for new creations. Providing due recognition to the creators and inventors. Ensuring the material reward for intellectual property. Ensuring the … Read More»

Purchase decision of apartments in metropolitan India

Factors affecting the purchase decision of apartments in metropolitan India Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into the motivation behind Indian buyers when looking to purchase an apartment. The factors driving demand preferences for apartments are not well established and are difficult to measure, and often builders may … Read More»

Refurbishment vs redevelopment

Chapter 1 Refurbishment vs redevelopment Malaysia property market has experienced a drastic change in 2008. The property market moved from a boom at the end of 2007 to uncertainties due to increasing construction cost. Finally, the property market moved into a relatively quiet market towards the end of 2008. With all the banks trying to … Read More»

What is a mortgage?

Real Estate in Barcelona How to get a Mortgage What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a loan or lien for a property/house which has to be paid within a specified period of time. It is usually a loan of money. A mortgage is a security for the loan that the lender makes to the … Read More»

A real estate investment trust

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Introduction A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a mode of indirect investment which buys, sells, develops and manages property investments. REITs have an advantage in that they experience gains from certain taxation rules. Before REITs were introduced in the UK in 2007 listed property companies suffered from double taxation, with … Read More»

Management Law Tenants

Property management as defined in wikipedia is the operation of commercial and/or residential real estate. The duties of property management includes accepting rent, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for landlords, and doing credit and background checks on tenants. One important role of property management is that of liaison between the landlord and … Read More»

The facilities management

The late 1980s saw a growing awareness and increased recognition for facilities management both in the public and private sectors. Corporate strategies for competitiveness have caused businesses to relook at all their processes and restructure them in a way that decreases costs and improves efficiency. (Alexander, 1994) Definitions of Facilities Management There are many varying … Read More»

Social Housing Policy

In their article ‘Welfare Safety Net or Tenure of Choice? The Dilemma Facing Social Housing Policy In England’, Fitzpatrick and Pawson (2007) explain and reflect upon the changing environment of social housing in England. This essay will provide a summary of the article before analysing the position of social housing in Scotland compared to that … Read More»

Right Buy Tenants

Right to buy, the dominant form of housing tenure in the Britain for council tenants, competes against private and mixed economy ownership housing- provided by private initiatives – and private rented accommodation. Right to Buy was famously encouraged by Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister from 1979-1990) through the 1980 Housing Act and the notion of a … Read More»

Property management, asset management and facilities management

An examination of Property Management, Asset Management and Facilities Management in the context of the management of real property by investors and occupiers Your essay must include a review of the generic property, facilities and asset management literature that addresses these topics and you are required to reach your own structured conclusions as to the … Read More»

The role of building surveyors

Surveying, and its related disciplines, have been in existence for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used the methods of surveying to create the geometrically perfect Pyramids Of Giza, Stonehenge was created using peg and rope geometry, and surveying was even incorporated into the ideas of the Doomsday book (which recorded land use and ownership throughout … Read More»

Advantages and disadvantages of consultant office

Background An office generally a room which provide a space which business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. An office building, also known as office block is a form of commercial building which contained spaces mainly designated to be used for offices purposed. This study will focuses on the consultancy office. Consultancy office is a … Read More»

Innovation in Construction and Property | Example Property Essay

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Example Property Essay It is a truth ubiquitously attested-to from all engaging in the relevant research pertinent to the topic of this report that the construction industry is ripe for change. Actually, it would be … Read More»

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