Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials for Automobile Applications

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction of Additive Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing is the other form of Rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Material extrusion process was invented in the year 1989 whereas the 3D printing which the extrusion of metal and ceramic. This machine was invented at Politecnico di Milano. Additive manufacturing techniques include Rapid prototyping,3D printing, and direct … Read More»

Advanced Solid Mechanics: Creep and Fatigue

Advanced Solid Mechanics Table of Contents Creep……………………………………………………………1 1. Creep 1 1.1 Stress relaxation  2 1.2 Creep rupture strength 4 1.3 Creep life 5 1.4 Factors affecting creep 5 2. Creep Problem(MATLAB) 6 3. Creep Problem(MATLAB) 7 4. Creep Problem 8 Fatigue…………………………………………………………..9 5. Fatigue 9 5.1 Three major Fatigue life methods 9 5.2 Endurance limit modifying factor  10 5.3 Stress concentration and notch sensitivity  12 … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pneumatics

Table Figures Figure 1 pnumatics Introduction The use of mechanisms that utilize compressed air or gases such as nitrogen when piped to be able to allow the transmission of force and energy is called Pneumatics (Woodford, 2018). The science as well as the technology of pneumatics has been in use for thousands of years; for … Read More»

A Free Body Diagram Mechanics Essay

A free body diagram consists primarily of a sketch of the body in question and arrows representing the forces applied to it. The selection of the body to sketch may be the first important decision in the problem solving process. For example, to find the forces on the pivot joint of a simple pair of pliers, … Read More»

Airplane Engine Nozzle: Function, Properties and Heat Treatment

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   INTRODUCTION Airplanes have engines that produce the power to go forward. The propulsion system for an aircraft generates the mechanical power for the movement. Lightweight piston engines or gas turbines are aircraft engines. A size of an airplane engine relates to its efficiency. The various types of engines function similarly. FUNCTION OF THE … Read More»

Alleviation of Harmonics using Series Power Line Compensator

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Alleviation of Harmonics using Series Power Line Compensator Abstract – This paper proposes series power line compensator which uses a new dual p q theory to effectively eliminate the harmonics in the three phase four wire power system. Further, conventional inverter is replaced with Z source inverter to achieve reduced harmonic levels. Eliminating harmonics … Read More»

Analysis and Control of Press Fit

Contents Nomenclature 1. Introduction 1.1 Aim 1.2 Objectives 2. Literature review 2.1 Finite element analysis 2.1.1 The finite element method 2.1.2 1D, 2D or 3D? 2..1.3 Element type 2.2 meshing 2.3 FEA errors 2.3.1 Meshing errors: 2.3.2 Material properties 2.3.3 Loading 2.4 Numerical errors 2.4.1 Rounding 2.4.2 Ill- conditioning 3. STRESS/STRAIN 4. Metrology 4.1 Basics 4.2Standards of measurement 4.3 … Read More»

Aree Closely Coupled Phone Chargers Better than Wired Charging?

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Claim The latest phone chargers are wireless Research Question Are the latest closely coupled phone chargers better than wired charging? This review will use two major studies amongst others, one by Wan Peng from the Dalhousie University and the other by Mark Estabrook at MediaTek. These have been undertaken to determine the effectiveness … Read More»

A Study On Hookes Law Mechanics Essay

HOOKE’S LAW: Hooke’s lawof elasticity is an approximation that states that the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load added to it as long as this load does not exceed the elastic limit. Materials for which Hooke’s law is a useful approximation are known as linear elasticor “Hookean” materials. Get Help … Read More»

Audi A8 Spare Wheel Well Benchmark Analysis

Introduction: A spare wheel well, also called spare wheel baffle, is a recessed storage tub located in the trunk of the vehicle. As the name suggests, it houses the spare wheel and tyre, along with the lug wrench and wheel jack. Traditionally, it was made of stamped steel. [1] However, since this part has an … Read More»

Automatic Pneumatic Pressing Robot and Packaging Work Parts

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Automatic pneumatic pressing robot and packaging work parts Introduction and Project background In this project the main purpose of this project is to know how to use easy PLC software. Moreover, how to use robotic arm for doing any operation is very useful for understanding PLC software. First of all, in this project … Read More»

Automation of the Tapping Machine

CAREER EPISODE 2 INTRODUCTION CE 2.1 The second career episode is based on an experience that I gained after performing a group project as a student of last semester of Bachelor Degree. The project was title “Automation of the Tapping Machine”. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering Technologist in Mechatronics from Chisholm Institute, Dandenong, Australia. The project … Read More»

Batch Reactor Is Widely Used In The Chemical Mechanics Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   A batch reactor is widely used in the chemical and process industry to perform several operations such as providing an environment of chemical reactions, crystallization, product mixing, dissolution of solids, polymerization, liquid to liquid extraction as well as batch distillation. The equipment comprises of tank that has an integrated heating and cooling system … Read More»

Buckling and Design Optimisation of Vertical Tubes Subjected to External Concrete Pressures

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Buckling and design optimisation of vertical tubes subjected to external concrete pressures CONTENTS                                                                                                       . ABSTRACT…………………………………………………………………………….1 INTRODUCTION Buckling……………………………………………………………………….1 Euler………………………………………………………………………….2 Plane Cylinder……………………………………………………………..3 LITERATURE REVIEW…………………………………………………………….4 METHODOLOGY……………………………………………………………………4 REFERENCES………………………………………………………………………….5 Abstract Buckling is a phenomena that has been widely researched due to its nature and the devastating effects it can have. In civil engineering the main concerns are the safety … Read More»

Comparison of Fuel Types and Suggestions for the Future

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Date Submitted: Throughout the world, many different types of fuels are being used to power vehicles and appliances. All these different types of fuels have certain positive and negative aspects which make them all uniquely different in use. Over the past decade, the need for a sustainable and eco-friendly fuel has grown significantly … Read More»

Comparison of High Voltage AC and DC

High Voltage AC High Voltage AC Tests Most of the test transformers are designed for operation at the working frequency of the test object. In a High Voltage AC system the equipment to be tested is continuously subjected to full power frequency voltage, allowing for some over voltage. When performing AC tests the applied voltage … Read More»

Composite Materials in Leaf Springs: A Review

Composite Materials in Leaf Springs: A Review Abstract— This review aims to research and compile data on the feasibility of the use of composites such as, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP), Graphite/epoxy, Carbon/epoxy in leaf springs as a replacement to Spring Steel. For the purpose of comparison stresses in critical regions are investigated such as … Read More»

Compression and Extension Rates of a Linear-piecewise Damper

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Vibrations Lab Report Summary   A Vehicle suspension system is a device that allows the car to compress and extend in response to road irregularities while keeping the body of the car stable. This gives the passengers more comfort along an irregular road. Dampers are used to absorb the energy of such shocks … Read More»

Computer Simulations to test Projects

The idea of describing a physical phenomenon using mathematical models/computational tools is not a new one. About 430 years ago, Galileo Galilei exhorted that it is imperative to describe the results mathematically once a certain number of experiments “sensate esperienze” have been performed. If one succeeds in illustrating the physical phenomenon using the mathematical equations, … Read More»

Cylinder Taper and Cylinder Out of Round

Aditya Patel Equipment Utilized An assortment of hand tools, pullers and specialty measuring tools were used during this assignment Health and Safety Precautions Safety boots and glasses were mandatory in the shop Proper lifting techniques, and getting help lifting was very important Unit Identification GM 3100 Engine References GM 3100 service manual, and our classroom … Read More»

Design and Development of Small Scale Automated BLDC Motor Speed Control System

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL SCALE AUTOMATED BLDC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM Abstract   The speed control of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor (PMBLDC) is very important because it can indirectly control the required mechanical performance and efficiency. The control of this parameter has been demonstrated in several documents using various controllers … Read More»

Design of a SET Based 4-bit ALU Using Proteus

Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables Abstract 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Design Methodology 2.1Design of a 3-bit ALU using Proteus: A case study 2.2Basic components 2.2.1 Adder/Subtractor Block 2.2.2 Array Multiplier 2.2.3 Multiplexers 2.3 Design of a 4-bit ALU using Proteus 2.3.1 Operation table for a 4-bit ALU 2.3.2Adder/Subtractor block 2.3.3 4-Bit Comparator … Read More»

Development of Material and Manufacturing Process for Exhaust Manifold

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Development of Material and Manufacturing Process for Exhaust Manifold Abstract Exhaust Manifold is an integral part of the Exhaust System designed to collect exhaust gases from the cylinder and channel them to the exhaust outlet. This paper deals with the alternative material and manufacturing process to replace the convention material and manufacturing technique … Read More»

Double Piezoelectric Micropump

Abstract   This paper discusses the development of a new micropump based on microfabrication techniques that can be used for drug delivery. First, actuation methods are examined to define the working principle and the advantages/disadvantages of each actuation method, such as electrostatic, thermal, piezoelectric and magnetic. Next, examples of micropumps that employ these actuation methods … Read More»

Effects of Gain Constants Proportional Integral (PI) Control Experiment

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract: The usage and effects of gain constants proportional integral (PI) control were explored throughout this experiment. The experiment adjusted the proportional and integral constants to perform five different tests. The group tested using only proportional feedback, only integral feedback, both proportional and integral feedback with no set point parameter, traditional PI control … Read More»

Electrification of Ford Focus Using Lithium-ion Battery

Abstract – The main objective of this report is to achieve the full electrification of the ford focus sedan. Along with that the study of the battery packs placing in the ford focus sedan to enhance the vehicle performance in terms of the range, economy. To make the battery system works properly and to get most of … Read More»

Extent to Which Radio-frequency Identification Self-service Technology Improves and Hinders Library Customer Service

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Extent to which radio-frequency identification self-service technology improves and hinders library customer service Radio-frequency identification (RFID) self-service technology has both enhanced and impeded the delivery of customer service in libraries. According to Li, Deng, and Bertino (2014), RFID is a form of technology which allows for automatic recognition and tracking of … Read More»

Failure Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Joints

Failure Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Joints Table of Contents List of Figures 1 Introduction 2 Literature review 2.1 Analytical approach for adhesively bonded joints 2.1.1 Elastic analysis Volkersen model Goland and Reissner model 2.1.2 Non-linear adhesive analysis Hart-Smith model Bigwood and Crocombe model Adams and Mallick 2.1.3 Non-linear adhesive and adherend analysis Wang et al. model Adams et al. model 2.2 Failure … Read More»

Failure of Metals under Long Term Static Loads

Failure of metals under long term static loads Introduction Metals are an important factor in almost every aspect of contemporary life, as such it is essential that designers have sufficient knowledge of the behaviour of these materials when subjected to different types of loads in a variety of environments (Gere and Goodno 2012). In practical … Read More»

Product Design of a Fran Blade

1. Manufacturing Concepts 1.1 Product Design Specification of fan blade To effectively develop a Product Design Specification for the Fan Blade, we need to firstly define the basic functions of the Fan blade. The basic function of a fan is to cause effective air flow in a room and this should be accomplished for a … Read More»

FBD For Types Of Support And Analysis Mechanics Essay

In any problem where you are considering the forces acting on an object – which is a large percentage of the problems in physics – one of the first steps is to create a free-body diagram to depict the situation. Meaning A free-body diagram is a picture of the physical situation you are analyzing, which … Read More»

Finite Element Analysis of a Rocker Arm

Finite Element Analysis of a Rocker Arm   Component Description   1.1.            Component Function The rocker arm is an oscillating,  two-arm lever that provides a means of actuating the valves in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. It translates the radial motion of the profile of the cam lobe through a fulcrum into linear … Read More»

Fluid Management System

CAREER EPISODE 1 INTRODUCTION CE 1.1: Project title “Fluid Management System” was completed in my last year of Bachelor Degree program. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering Technologist in Mechatronics from Chisholm Institute, Dandenong, Australia. My first career episode is based on this project experience that I gained and performed for the fulfillment of my work placement. The … Read More»

Fueling tug system

Orbital Mechanics The Cis Lunar tug system or the Dark Panther spacecraft is a UAV type vehicle. Before each mission the Dark Panther spacecraft will be docked via gateway in Cis lunar space. Once vehicle is ready to conduct an operation spacecraft will separate from the gateway into cis lunar orbit. The Dark Panther will … Read More»

Heat Exchange In Refrigerator System

INTRODUCTION The intend heat exchangers, such as condensers and evaporators, very much influences energy effectiveness of the refrigeration system. A properly designed heat exchanger will not simply helps decrease energy consumption but in addition reduce cost and increase storage volume. Recovering energy efficiency and reducing cost essentially poses a multi objective optimization problem. As these … Read More»

Impact of Corrosion in Aviation

Corrosion is a major problem no matter where one encounters it. In its simplest definition, corrosion is the weakening and destroying of metal over time. On your car, home appliances, jewelry, some musical instruments such as the trumpet or tuba, a basketball hoop, mailboxes, or swing sets corrosion can and eventually will set in on … Read More»

Industrial Automatic Box Sealing Machine

Industrial Automatic Box Sealing Machine Introduction The previous two many years of years has an important in advancement in the field of robots application. A lot more applications are relied upon to show up in space investigation, front line and in different actives of day by day life in the coming years. A robot is … Read More»

Influence of Printing Parameters on Microstructure Influence

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction Metal 3D printing has seen lots of attention in the past few years because of its ability to create near net shape parts but has not gotten to the same level as other forms of 3D printing since the mechanical properties of part fabricated by such a process cannot be predicted due … Read More»

Investigation of Bernoulli’s Principle Mechanical Engineering Principles

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   The Investigation of Bernoulli’s Principle Introduction – This lab explored the validity of Bernoulli’s principle. This was achieved by investigating the change in fluid pressure when the velocity of the fluid was increased. This procedure was then repeated at three different flow-rates. The validity of the principle and the experiment were then measured … Read More»

Investigation of the Techno-economic Feasibility of Recovering Waste Heat of Diesel Generator Exhaust

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   INVESTIGATION OF THE TECHNO-ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY OF RECOVERING WASTE HEAT OF DIESEL GENERATOR EXHAUST FOR HEATING MINE INTAKE AIR ABSTRACT In cold climates, extremely harsh winters require heating of underground mine intake air. As a result, fresh intake air, as cold as -40°C, is commonly heated up to around +3 °C, leading to high … Read More»

Is Methanol the Fuel of the Future?

Methanol as the fuel of the future- Yes or No? Abstract Methanol or methyl alcohol received a great amount of attention in the early 1990s as an alternative fuel to gasoline in the United States. It can be easily produced from several resources found abundant in nature like coal and natural gas. Though toxic in … Read More»

Is There Value in Buying Higher Grade Fuel?

Is There Value in Buying Higher Grade Fuel? What is Gasoline? Gasoline is made up of molecules made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms arranged in chains. Gasoline molecules have anywhere from, 7 to 11 carbon atoms in each chain. When you burn gasoline under STP, you get carbon dioxide. Which is from the carbon … Read More»

How have Laptops Shaped our World?

Bilal Irfan The invention of the laptop is one of the most remarkable innovations that has occurred in our modern world. A laptop is a little, convenient personal computer, that is portable and suitable for use during different occurrences including traveling. After the development of a personal computer on January 1st, 1971, engineers and scientists … Read More»

Long Transmission Lines Analysis

Long Transmission Lines Analysis Progress Report Contents 1.1 Abstract 1.2 Acknowledgements 1.3 Introduction 1.4 Research description 1.4.1 Equations derivation 1.4.2 Interpretation of the equations 1.4.2 Hyperbolic form of equations 1.5 Preliminary design 1.5.1 System block diagram 1.5.2 Design process 1.5.3 Circuit diagram 1.5.4 System description 1.6 Hardware / software description 1.6.1 Hardware 1.6.2 Software Conclusion … Read More»

Modeling the Process of Straightening Low-stiff Cylindrical Parts by Transverse Rolling with Smooth Plates

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Modeling the process of straightening low-stiff cylindrical parts by transverse rolling with smooth plates Keywords: straightening; deflection; transverse rolling, stress intensity; residual stresses; low-stiff cylindrical part; finite element. Abstract. To restore the shape of curved low-stiff cylindrical parts such as shafts and axles, the process of straightening by transverse bending is considered with … Read More»

Modern Methods Used In Sheet Metal Forming Mechanics Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   This report elaborates the recent advancements in the process of Sheet-Metal forming in automotive industry since this technique is considered as one of the most important issues in the current industry. Further more in this report brief description is explained on the most modern forming methods like Electro-magnetic forming, Super Plastic forming and … Read More»

My Favourite Car

My favourite car If I had to choose a car I liked the most, I would definitely pick Cadillac Escalade. SUVs are my favourite cars in general, but no SUV is more stylish than the Cadillac Escalade. Even though it has all of the roomy features that make SUVs a popular choice for families, its … Read More»

Need and Importance of Basic Maintenance Management Process of Car Battery

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   BASIC MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS Executive Summary This document explains the need for a well-laid maintenance plan and describes the importance of all related aspects of planning and scheduling as a part of the overall maintenance function. This document gives the need for a work management framework and describes in detail various aspects related … Read More»

Oxidation, Ion-Implantation and RTP/Furnace Processing

MCEE201/601 – Report#1 Oxidation, Ion-Implantation and RTP/Furnace Processing   Abstract The Lab course’s goal is to perform how to design, fabricate and characterize a simple P-type-metal oxide-semiconductor (PMOS) device. In this lab report, details about the oxidation, ion implantation and rapid thermal processing (RTP), which are some of main processes of PMOS fabrication procedure, is … Read More»

Performance of Precast Bridge Girder Materials

Technical review   The  article published by Tiburzi, Drimala and Folliard in 2017, under the title “Evaluation of precast bridge girder cracking: The role of volume change”, focuses on mitigating from the theory of connecting cracking in precast bridges with ASR and/or DEF phenomena while examining the impact of internal volume change, pooling together results … Read More»

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