Richard Schechner’s Performance Theory

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Richard Schechner’s Performance Theory Discuss ways in which Richard Schechner’s ‘Performance Theory’ may be of use to contemporary practitioners. Illustrate your answer with reference to at least one dance or theatre performance which you have … Read More»

Blood Brothers – Willy Russell

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”. Blood Brothers is a popular play by Willy Russell. It was written and first performed in 1981. The play … Read More»

Brecht’s Literary Responses to Socio-political Changes

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Brecht’s Literary Responses to Socio-political Changes in Berlin 1918-1956 Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) was a German poet, playwright and theatre director. This project will look at the development of Brecht’s playwriting over time in response to … Read More»

Dance In The Curriculum Drama Essay

is a physical subject with an aesthetic gloss, languishing at the bottom of the academic hierarchy, conceptualised as art but located within physical education in the national curriculum (Downing et al, 2003; Brehoney, 2005). Placing additional emphasis on performance at A level also undermines the development of dance studies more widely within a subject hierarchy … Read More»

Importance Of Time In As If To Nothing Drama Essay

I find this contemporary dance piece “As if to nothing” which reflected to “The important of time” is very interesting in terms of the meaning that all dancers express feeling towards the audience and the question of “What have we done so far in our lives?” It came up in my mind as I observe … Read More»

Good and Evil Angel

the play, Faustus talks about philosophy, medicine, law, and theology and is hesitant about all. Lastly he chooses to study magic. He rejects theology. He is “glutted more with conceit” (Scene I, 18) and he prefers black magic to what he preferred before; he asserts: “. . . Divinity, adieu!” (Scene I, 48), that is, … Read More»

How Increased Portion Sizes Effect Obesity Drama Essay

Would you like to supersize that? It’s a simple question asked to patrons at many national fast food chains. It’s actually quite a deal, for cents more you can increase the amount of food and drink you are given. What if by increasing the amount of food you were eating actually increased your chances of … Read More»

Anna Pavlova And The Dying Swan Drama Essay

A couple years ago I used to think that ballet was boring. I did not understand ballet as an art and did not recognize its classical and modern types. Dances like hip-hop, samba, rumba, cha-cha, tango, and disco appealed to me more. Once I tried ballet myself in the U.S., I realized that most of … Read More»

Wayne Mcgregors Career As A Choreographer Drama Essay

– Wayne McGregor’s career as a choreographer has been experimental and Innovative. This essay is an overview of his career so far as a choreographer, looking mainly at his work as Artistic director of Random Dance, Resident Choreographer of the Royal Ballet and his interests in Technology and Science. The essay begins with a brief … Read More»

Overview Of Krump Dancing Drama Essay

Krumping is an urban art form, reflecting the African American expressive culture and the street culture. The regional location and its history of violence has propelled the style into the mainstream. Born in 1990s from the slumps of Los Angeles, it blends elements of spiritual and physical energy. Krumping is an emerging movement that is … Read More»

The History And Background On Martha Graham

Martha Graham, the outstanding 20th century dancer, choreographer and teacher was born on May 11, 1894 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as one among the three daughters of George and Jane Beers Graham (Martha Graham, 2010). During her life time she spent most of her decisive years on the west coast region. Media have often regarded Martha … Read More»

Shakespeare portrays about women

Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare does an astounding job at distinguishing the female stereotype of the Elizabethan Era, he develops this through the two main female characters Hero and Beatrice. Hero is portrayed as the typical female of the Elizabethan Era; Hero is of good keep and a well mannered girl. While on the other … Read More»

The Life Of Li Cunxin Drama Essay

Dance Academy, made his way to be one of the premier dancers with the Houston Ballet for 16 years before moving on to another career as a stockbroker and today, he resides in Australia while travelling around the world as a motivational speaker. Li was born into a very poor family in 1961 in Qingdao … Read More»

An Overview Of Semiotics And Structuralism Drama Essay

In the early 20th Century Ferdinand de Saussure developed the linguistic theory of semiotics, the study of signs within language and the implications of these signs. This involved the analysis of words within texts but after development could be applied to all kinds of art, even paintings and music. The meanings and signs were discovered … Read More»

Drama Essays – West End Production

Black’, assess the skills of the two male performers when performing their role(s). Essay Outline: ‘As Alfred Hitchcock noted, suspense and atmosphere are more potent than scary events themselves’ Part 1 – Introduction Introduction: ‘The Woman in Black,’ West end mainstay and classic enjoyed by many people since 1989, is a remarkable adaptation of a superb … Read More»

Oscar Wilde Earnest

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest “Since we know The Importance of Being Earnest is a trivial play for serious people, our task as serious people is not to be content to say it’s funny, but to be careful when describing the fun” (Sale 479). First staged in February 1895 at the St. James Theatre, people packed … Read More»

Isadora Duncan And Modern Dance Drama Essay

During twentieth century, there was a new dance form that was appearing in American, which was modern dance. It was to have a significant influence on the dance education. Modern dance has broken the rule of classical ballet. “The theme of modern dance works might encompass Greek mythology; Ancient or modern poetry or other literary … Read More»

Drama Essays – Shakespeare’s Tempest

ideals and Elizabethan politics presented in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” The play opens with a description of a terrifying and relentless storm that wrecks the ship belonging to the King of Naples, Alonso. The wreck drifts onto the shore of Propero’s island but the force of the sea is insuperable, and the boatswain appeals to the … Read More»

Michael Jackson Approach To Dance Drama Essay

World-renowned for his influence on the international music and dance scene, Michael Jackson is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry. His talent in being able to fuse his music and dance style together so seamlessly was probably one of the reasons for his booming success as an artist. The transformation and influence that he … Read More»

Bertoly Brechts Mother Courage Drama Essay

Bertolt Brecht’s view on the function of theatre was that it should provoke its audience to change. The epic theatre, Karl Marx and German directors Max Reinhardt and Erwin Piscator were all inspiration for Brecht’s theory on the social function of theatre. (??? 2004: 709)   Brecht’s essays ‘Theatre for Pleasure or Theatre for Instruction’ … Read More»


play. It all starts after King Oedipus was exiled from the city of Thebes after he learns that he has committed incest and patricide, his younger son Eteocles declares to be the king, exiling his older brother Polyneices. Polyneices then attacks Thebes with a huge army, but none of the two brothers wins the war … Read More»

An Analysis Of Romantic Opera Drama Essay

The Romantic Era was a period in music in which there was much change during the 1850’s to the 1920’s in the theory and compositional practice of music. The composers wrote their pieces with more artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity than the artists of the classical era and this caused the melody to become the … Read More»

Analysis Of Various Dance Styles Drama Essay

Rumba is the most sensual and most romantic of all Latin dances. It’s a dance that tells a story about love and affection between a male lover and a bashful teasing woman. The Rumba is a slow dance that is said to be the “Grandfather “of the Latin dances and the dance of love. To … Read More»

Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie

fragile young woman that lives in a lower class, shabby apartment with her older brother Tom, and her eccentric mother Amanda. Laura feels as though she is an outcast in contrast to the rest of the world. Among the many recurrent themes of this play the fragility is shown in a little unicorn that safely … Read More»

A Midsummer Nights Dream Drama Essay

A point to consider before bringing the individual character interpretations into play is how to contextualise the performances within the text as a whole. In other words, the characters are not mutually exclusive entities, rather, they are interactive and woven into the landscape of the play. Therefore, I would like to propose a general outline … Read More»

Study On Shakespeare Richard II Drama Essay

The opening scene of Richard II is illuminating on several counts. On the one hand, Richard II, as king, appears to be acting out in full, his role as supreme arbiter of the land, by presiding over an appeal for treason. This medieval trial requires the presence of the king as both ruler and immediate dispenser of … Read More»

Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Introduction Hamlet It is important to note that Hamlet itself is a transformation, of form as well as ideas, which is based upon other transformations. Indeed the metatheme of Hamlet is transformation (whereas Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is about the inability to effect transformation or change). Tom McAlindon, in … Read More»

Paradoxes and contradictions presented in Macbeth

Paradoxes and contradictions (“foul and fair,” and so on) presented in Macbeth In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, readers are introduced to a harsh world of war, murder and treachery. At the beginning of the play three witches tell Macbeth that in his life time he will become Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, as well … Read More»

Portrayal of Women Changed in Horror Films Since The 1920’s

Portrayal of Women Changed in Horror Films Since The 1920’s Introduction: Fear is the most powerful emotion in the human race and fear of the unknown is probably the most ancient. You’re dealing with stuff that everybody has felt; from being little babies we’re frightened of the dark, we’re frightened of the unknown. If you’re … Read More»

Appeal of the Nazi Party

After World War I the country of Germany was no utopia leaving it vulnerable and a perfect target for the Nazi Party. There was depression, food shortage, disorder, social upheaval, anger and a loss of faith within the German citizens. The citizens were all frantically and desperately looking for someone or some party to take … Read More»

The Influences Upon Steven Berkoff

Upon studying Steven Berkoff as a practitioner I have always profoundly noted that his theories are very hard to define due to their ever changing and versatile nature. The lack of official documentation on Berkoff’s theories makes it especially hard to fully comprehend what exactly the Berkovian performance style involves and dictates. Fortunately he has … Read More»

The Power Of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Published in 1623, nearly twenty years after it was first performed, Macbeth was written shortly after James VI of Scotland ascended the English throne, and Shakespeare’s play clearly supports his divine right to the throne. Shakespeare was inspired by Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicle of the reigns of Duncan and Macbeth (A.D. 1034-57), but the invention of the framework of the … Read More»

Drama Essays – Women in Comedy

How has comedy between 1950 to 2000 been used by female performers to highlight the oppression and objectification of women in society? What impact has this had on the contemporary female comedian of today? Introduction & Overview Chapter One: A Sense of the Times 1950s 1960s 1970s-1980s Chapter Two: Women’s ‘Sense’ of Humour Chapter Three: … Read More»

A Spiderman Movie Review

social life. While at a science exhibition, a accident occurs, a stray, altered Spider is unleashed into the lab unnoticed. The same Spider curiously finds its way onto him. Without the slightest clue, the venomous, malicious fangs pierced through his skin. Giving him superhuman abilities and power to any ordinary person’s dreams.   It’s not … Read More»

Homosexuality In Dead Dreams Of Monochrome Men

In this essay I am going to look at the work Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men (Dead Dreams) by Lloyd Newson, performed by the Physical Theatre Company DV8. I will focus on the way homosexuality is represented within the piece. I will then look at the work of the playwright Oscar Wilde (1854 -1900) and … Read More»

Death In Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Its Relation To The Renaissance Thinking The issue of death is inseparably linked with a traditional idea of tragedy. Such ancient dramatists as Aeschylus, Euripides, Seneca and Sophocles implemented the theme of death into their dramatic works to reflect the essence of their own times and the attitude of ancient people towards death. Their treatment … Read More»

Exploring theatrical intertextuality

both plays; by discussing how Stoppard translates his play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Stoppard’s technique of extracting two minor characters from probably the most famous play in literature’s history, hamlet, enables the audience to gain a unique and enlightening perspective of these characters. The way in which Stoppard deals with his … Read More»

Pride, Gender, and Inaction in Antigone

The central theme of Sophocles play “Antigone” is the dilemma that one faces, in adhering to ones own conclusion or to abide by the existing laws of the land. The play highlights the fact that men have been bestowed with independent thinking, and have been blessed with the capacity to analyze situations; Man must therefore … Read More»

Gender roles of anime

suggestion of transformation from young girls to adulthood will be discussed in reference to Sailor Moon and in order to realise the ‘idealised / fantasised’ aspect of anime, comparisons will be made to society and the stereotypical role of women in Japan. At first glance Japan appears to be a country where traditional hierarchy and … Read More»

Much Ado About Nothing

Ado About Nothing” is mainly about Benedick and Beatrice, and their relationship. That sub-plot is about the “merry war” of the sexes between Beatrice and Benedick who “…are not teenagers, but possibly in their late twenties or older” (Lukacs 92). This “merry war” (“Much Ado About Nothing” I.i.56) between the two is given through their … Read More»

All About My Mother, 1999 | Analysis

work in terms of his difficulty to show female identification and how he uses social interactions as a short cut to portraying women and men as one. The film was released in 1999 at a time when homosexuality was still politically oppressed especially in relation to gay marriage. Almadovar uses his film to show a … Read More»

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance Analysis

Keywords: midsummer nights dream character performance In ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’- How would you perform the role of: Lysander (500 words) Demetrius(500 words) Helena(500 words) Hermia(500 words) Theseus(500 words) in order to convey interpretation of the role to your audience? A point to consider before bringing the individual character interpretations into play is how to contextualise … Read More»

Importance of Elasticity Demand

Price Elasticity of Demand (PED) measures the percentage change in the price of a product, to the percentage change of demand for that same product. It is measured through varying degrees of elasticity. An inelastic good means that a change in price will have a very little effect on the demand. Due to PED=%?Q / … Read More»

The Woman In Black Sound Analysis

I saw a production of the play The Woman In Black at the Theatre Royal in Windsor. The play is set in England in Victorian times. This play really put me on the edge of my seat in some scenes and terrified the life out of me in others, the sound in the play really did go … Read More»

Los Vendidos – Play Analysis

abounds in stereotypes about Mexicans, which is why the main theme of “Los Vendidos” is stereotyping. Stereotypes appear in societies because the dominant majority has difficulties in understanding the specificities of particular minorities, as it is the case of the Mexicans, portrayed in “Los Vendidos”. Nevertheless, stereotypes are nurtured as a modality of keeping minorities … Read More»

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

the dramatic construction in general and of Shakespeare’s play in particular. Although Shakespeare borrows the themes, characters and stories from the history of the ancient Greece and Greek mythology, the play-within-a-play structure shows his creations and his own work. The play-within-a-play structure serves the function of recapping many important themes of A Midsummer Night’s Dreamand allows … Read More»

Top Girls and Under the Blue Sky | Comparison

Discuss and compare how Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls and David Eldridge’s Under the Blue Sky deploy the conventions of Dialogue and Objectives/Obstacles, and asses the connection between these formal choices and the meaning and impact of the play. The conventions of dialogue and objectives and obstacles are intertwined through the playwright’s portrayal of character and … Read More»

The Prader-Willi syndrome

charecteristic,the desire to eat everything and anything in sight. Prader-Willi syndrome was first known as Prader-Labhart-Willi Syndrome after three Swiss doctors who first described the disorder in 1956. The doctors described a small group of kids with obesity, short stature and mental deficiency , neonatal hypotonia (floppiness) and a desire to constantly eat because they … Read More»

Achievements Of Mikhail Baryshnikov As A Dancer

This paper is focused on dance as a form of performing arts. The paper looks at the history of dance and it looks at the life, contributions to the dance world and accomplishments that Mikhail Baryshnikov’ has had thought his carrer. This paper is a research paper aims at looking at the history of Mikhail … Read More»

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