Design for Manufacture – FMS

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies FMS Automation in Manufacturing The major goals of FMS automation in manufacture are to integrate various operations to improve productivity, increase product quality and uniformity, minimise cycle times and effort and reduce labour costs. 1. … Read More»

Consumer interaction in contemporary advertising design

ABSTRACT This paper offers an insight into the role of the consumer in modern advertising. It charts the role of advertising in society from the earliest known origins in Ancient Egypt to the creative revolution during the 1960’s right up to modern day viral campaigns. A range of topics are discussed from why companies lose … Read More»

Chapter Two: Design

2.1 Chapter Overview This chapter presents a summary of the the review of literature regarding the subject of design and captures various aspects and thoughts on this. Various thoughts, process and research particularly related to the design process are explored. This chapter encompasses the definitions, characteristics, discussions and applications of design. It is intended that … Read More»

Affordable Wallpaper In The Industry Design Essay

My aim for my final project is to have a professionally finished wallpaper design. Along with this idea I would like my wallpaper to be displayed in a house, perhaps in a show home, so people can see my work and see what it looks like in a room. This is because many aspects can … Read More»

Developing a game levels

ABSTRACT: This dissertation is focused on the Current FPS Game Levels Played and Suggests how to Develop a Game level based on a gamers Feed backs. The full content and the Procedure of the Dissertation is based on experiences and first hand research In this dissertation you find all the needed data about how to … Read More»

The colour theory

Colour theory is a practical guide to colour mixing and the visual impacts of colour combinations. In Scientific terms colour is light, and light is composed of many colours-those we see are the colours of the visual spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. When light hits an object, that object reflects certain wavelengths … Read More»

Distribution Channel Design

Distribution Channel Design Channel design facilitates the flow of goods from the manufacturer to the end-user. Hutt and Speh (2007) defined that, the link between the manufacturer and the customer is the distribution channel. The purpose of the distribution channel is to distribute the product from manufacturer to the end user to the right time … Read More»

The History Of The Augmented Reality In Education

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is a computer system which has the ability to combine the real world and computer generated data. With this system, virtual objects are blended into real footage in real time. Thus, we can imagine the high potential that this technology might have if applied in the field of education. … Read More»

Product character and life cycle analysis

Good Hair Day (GHD) Hair Styler Since January 2001 [2], what has been the fastest selling product in the hair styling market? The GHD Hair Styler. According to [3] (in association with the Sunday Times Newspaper), GHD: “Sales have rocketed 365% a year, from an annualised £459,000 in 2001 to £46.1m in 2004”. What … Read More»

Aspects of wicked problems

Introduction When facing a design problem, designers need to consider a wide range of factors to ensure that it is as successful as possible. When a design problem is ill-defined a wicked problem arises, which complicated the process more. Sustainability is a very important consideration when designing. It’s also important that designers understand the role … Read More»

Modeling and Design of Shallow Foundations

Overview Construction of structures involves setting up of foundation which is the lowest part of a building or a bridge and which transmits weight to underlying soil. There are two classes of foundations, these are: shallow and deep ones. The major subject of the paper is modeling and design of shallow foundations. A shallow foundation … Read More»

What is white space?

What is white space? White space, also recognized by most as negative space, is the unmarked space between graphics, texts, and margins. To be precise, it is basically all spaces that possess absent of contents. Sandy Wheeler argued that, most people do not understand the role of white space and often consider them simply as … Read More»

The future of laundry technology

Laundry is a task that all households must complete. Laundry is a very broad task that encapsulates the entire process of cleaning fabric items so that they can become fresh to be worn or used again. It is a tedious process, and one which has potential for simplification. The aim of this research report is … Read More»

Contemporary influences on design practice

“There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few… by creating whole new species of permanent garbage to clutter up the landscape, and by choosing materials and processes that pollute the air we breath, designers have become a dangerous breed… In this age of mass production when everything must be planned … Read More»

User centred design | Analysis

Introduction Nowadays, User Centered Design has been embedded in many design works. This essay seeks to explore the nature of this approach. This essay is split in to four sections. The first section is to provide a definition for User Centered Design while the second section will explain the benefits of using this approach with … Read More»

Logistics network design

LOGISTICS network design is concerned with the purpose of the number and site of warehouses and manufacturing plants, allocation of customer demand, distribution of warehouses to production plants. The best configuration must be able to deliver the goods to the customers at the least cost (commonly used objective) while satisfying the service level needs. In … Read More»

Punk Music and Fashion: An Overview

Chapter 4: Finding and Analysis FINDING The first discussion of this dissertation in this chapter is how “punk” initially is just music. This is followed by how “punkers” dress up as a reflection to their music. This costume soon became a part of world fashion due to its uniqueness and emphasising on something that is … Read More»

Planning Theory in City Development

Abstract This paper examines the theories of rational planning, incremental planning, and planning as a political process. It compares these three influences of planning specifically to town planning. Furthermore, the importance of rational planning, incremental planning, and planning as a political process will be highlighted in the examination of a case study of the ADA … Read More»

Apple: A Multinational Corporation

Introduction Apple Inc. it is a well known American multinational corporation that designs most of the famous consumer electronics and widely used software’s. It was established on 1st April, 1976 at that time the company was known as Apple computer, Inc. the word computer was dropped after 30 years of its establishment on 9th Jan, … Read More»

Symbolism & Iconography

The use of symbols and icons predates human spoken and written languages. In his book, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Scott McCloud (1993) defines an icon as “any image used to represent a person, place, thing, or idea.” While a symbol is an “image we use to represent concepts, ideas, and philosophies” (p. 27).  He also … Read More»

Don’t Mistake Legibility for Communication – Analysis

CRITICAL STUDY IN ART & DESIGN DON’T MISTAKE LEGIBILITY FOR COMMUNICATION David Carson | Discuss It is the art director, graphic designer and surfer David Carson (b. 1954) who stated during his 2013 TED Talk, ‘Don’t mistake legibility for communication’. Since making this statement, designers have had to rethink what it means to communicate; especially … Read More»

The Structure and Use of 3D Models

Guide showing the structure and use of 3D Models Topic 1 Structure of 3D models 3D coordinate systems Explain – There are two types of coordinate systems that are commonly used in 3D graphics, either left or right handed, in both coordinate systems both the positive X and Y axis are the same with the Z … Read More»

Production Planning Incorporate with Job Rotation and Work

Thesis/Project Title: Production Planning Incorporate with Job rotation and Work Injury by Multi-Objective Criteria Courses Taken/Grades: Course Name Grade ME 460 Automation and Robotics in Manufacturing 84 ME 887 Introduction to Microsystems 85 ME 886 Advanced Engineering Design Methodology 88 BIOE 898 Special Topic 88 STAT 845 Statistical Methods for Research 90 GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics … Read More»

Michael Kors vs Guccio Gucci

American vs. Foreign Designer Michael Korsvs. Guccio Gucci Showroom Headquarters: Showroom Headquarters: 11 W 42nd St. New York, NY 10018 Via Mecenate, 79, 20138 Milano, Italy Written by: Irene Vastardis Table of Contents: Their Importance 4 Michael Kors Importance . 4 Gucci’s Importance 4 Background of Designers .. 5 Michael Kors Early Life 5 Launching His Career … Read More»

Posters of the Second World War – An Analysis

What was the impact of the posters from the Second World War? Why are they still popular? Introduction: For my dissertation I have chosen to look at the posters from the Second World War. The idea to look at these posters came from my own interest in the war, the 1940’s and the ‘propaganda’ posters. … Read More»

Study on the Usability of Semiotics in Graphic Design

Abstract. Currently, The current flat design has become a mainstream approach is widely used in web design, computer and mobile phone systems, interface design. In graphic design, graphic symbol design is increasingly being taken seriously and use minimalist design symbols often appear in print design plane, PPT presentations, public areas, identity-oriented system like. This paper discusses … Read More»

Political, Social, and Ethical Ideologies on Graphic Design

Mythology vs. Modernity Political, social, and ethical ideologies on graphic design in the twentieth century Abstract The following dissertation will discuss whether mythology or modernity had the greatest impact upon the political, social, and ethical ideologies that were closely linked to or had an influence upon graphic design and artistic culture during the twentieth century. … Read More»

Instructional Design | Definitions and Principles

Section 1 – My Definition of Instructional Design According to the Internet Wikipedia, “Instructional Design, also called Instructional Systems Design is the practice of maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of instruction and other learning experiences.” The course of action to be undertaken is made up in a broad sense of deciding the state in … Read More»

Influence of Product Packaging on Consumers

The manner and importance of Packaging Design in Terms of Practical Business and Shipping Considerations as well as in the Marketing and Consumer Context with Respect to Design, Construction and Content. Chapter 1 – Introduction The concept of product packaging along with design represents an understanding that to market one’s item to consumers entails an … Read More»

3D-finite Element Analysis of Beam Design

Abstract: Any design and development activities involves in huge amount of time and money in bringing out the final product to the market, whilst functionality of the product being crucial under all scenarios without fail or malfunctioning over a period of time. Earlier design was carried out by the conventional methods from planning to final … Read More»

The DebaPhosphoglucose Isomerase (Pgi) Locus in Butterfly Populationte on GM Crops

The Debate on GM Crops  PRINT Benjamin Killick Modelling the evolution of the phosphoglucose isomerase (Pgi) locus in butterfly metapopulations: project proposal. Background: Metapopulation theory, as developed by R. Levins in 1969, concerns the dynamics of metapopulations, which consist of several distinct local populations that exhibit some degree of interaction and occupy isolated areas of suitable … Read More»

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