Greek History – Class and Status

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Class Structure and Status in Greek History   Are there any special insights to be had from analysing Greek history in terms of either class or status? Greek history cannot be viewed as complete without … Read More»

Euripides Hippolytus

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Self-control, Shame and Desire in Euripides Hippolytus Illustrate the importance of the themes of self-control, shame and desire in Euripides’ Hippolytus. How does Euripides connect these themes to the world of the Athenian audience? Euripides’ Hippolytus (1972) is … Read More»

Methodology set of rituals

Unfortunately method is sometimes reduced to incantations or a set of rituals which are applied to data. Because the research object is complex due to its multi-dimensional characteristics it is not susceptible to exhaustive coverage. Therefore, method itself should investigate at a conceptual level and not simply applied in a mechanistic way. The methodology applied … Read More»

CRISP methodology

Well we got 2 data sets to analysis using SPSS PASW 1) Wine Quality Data Set and 2) The Poker Hand Data Set. We can do this using CRISP methodology. Let us look what is CRISP by wikipedia “CRISP-DM stands for Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining It is a data mining process model … Read More»

Information Search and Analysis Skills

1.0 SYNOPSIS The research was carried on one of Microsoft Windows operating systems which is Windows 2000. The various factors such as security, reliability and easy to use interface were discussed. In Windows 2000 security is more improved as compared to previous versions, point-to-point Tunnel protocol (PPTP) and layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP as alternative … Read More»

Highlighting mitchells and butlers strategic

Executive Summary This report is aimed at highlighting Mitchells and Butlers strategic choices through the analysis of its internal and external environment. A number of measurement tools were used in order to express this. The report firstly looks into the external environment in which the organisation is involved with. The external analysis was split into … Read More»

Quality of service of a network

CONGESTION MANAGMENT: Networks which are designed to support most different traffic types which share a single data path between routers. Congestion management techniques should be considered in such cases to ensure the quality and treatment for the various traffic types. “Traffic prioritization especially important for delay-sensitive, interactive transaction based application for instance, for example takes … Read More»

Pizza Hut Data analysis

Introduction Earlier chapters have set the stage for carrying out of this research. This chapter builds on the previous ones by reporting the results of the data analysis. The primary data collected through interviews and questionnaire is presented in graphs along with analysis and findings. From these analysis researchers will be able to proceed towards … Read More»

Feasibility Study

Discuss the Components of a feasibility report. Consider the following types of Feasibility: 1. Feasibility Study The Feasibility study is a study of possible alternate solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. (Randall, B. et. al, 2010) It can decide whether a process be carried out by a new system more efficiently than … Read More»

Methodologies of data collection

The standard and procedure of data collection and gathering can be done by formal and informal way and then, after collecting that data, you do analysis on this data and is called data collection or anthology. In this part of the research procedure, researcher uses different methods and procedures. These methods can include of interviews, … Read More»

Mathematical description of OFDM

When we talk about the Mathematical description of OFDM then we cannot neglect the following mathematical treatments: The Fourier transform The use of the Fast Fourier Transform in OFDM The guard interval and its implementation As we have discussed above that a large number of narrowband carriers which are spaced close to each other in … Read More»

Fundamentals of block coding

ABSTRACT In this essay the basic fundamentals of block coding as a type of forward error correction code, as well as an example of such a code, are examined, in order to highlight the importance of error correction in digital communication systems. In the first part, the theory around error correction codes and types is … Read More»

Data Mining or Knowledge Discovery

SYNOPSIS INTRODUCTION Data mining is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. Data mining or knowledge discovery, is the computed assisted process of digging through and analyzing enormous sets of data and then extracting the meaning of data. Data sets of very high dimensionality, such as microarray data, … Read More»

Overview and Analysis of Research Methodologies

INTRODUCTION This chapter presents the research methodologies adopted for the research. A combination of both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches was adopted by the researcher in order to attain a realistic result from the research. Specifically, the chapter discusses the range of methods used by the researcher for the research, research philosophy, research strategy and … Read More»

Information Systems of TESCO

The report includes an analysis of the company major types of information systems, including a more detailed assessment of its Transaction Processing system, Decision Support System Enterprise systema and supply chain management. The company Decision Support System (DSS) is based on the effective collection of information through its Transaction Processing Systems. Management Information System (MIS) … Read More»

Data Warehousing: Benefits and Implications

WHAT IS DATA WAREHOUSING? The term data warehouse or data warehousing was first coined by Bill Innon in the year 1990 which was defined as a “warehouse which is subject-oriented, integrated, time variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process”. When referring to data warehousing as subject oriented, it simply … Read More»

The expository essay

This essay is about oil and gas prices. The essay has lots of facts on gas and oil by showing people how the prices are increasing instead of decreasing. Also it shows how it is putting an effect on people. In this essay it shows readers how they prep the land for drilling process, special … Read More»

Compare and contrast the historical methods

“Compare and contrast the historical methods, interests, and objectives of Herodotus and Thucydides”. He said you “might consider the sort of writing(narrative, description, authorial analysis, interest in accuracy, etc.) and the author’s objectives in writing the history.” Herodotus and Thucydides – the original fathers of Greek Historiography – are regarded as the first two historians. … Read More»

The bad advice

The thirty-fourth president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, famously stated, “You do not lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault not leadership.” Although, in modern times this statement may seem quite logical, it is interesting to note that in today’s world there are still nations that are lead by power … Read More»

Classical hollywood systems

ABSTRACT: The main objective of this course work is to provide various similarities and differences in the classical Hollywood systems. The classical version of the Hollywood studio systems are roughly between 1910 and 1960. Though it’s the longest period to evaluate, the films between 1930 and 1949 are considered. There are huge number of studios … Read More»

Illegal logging

Introduction Illegal logging is one of the many causes of deforestation and is one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems (Chatham House, 2009; EIA, 2008). It is fuelled substantially by a large and indiscriminate international market demand for cheap timber and timber products (EIA, 2008). While poverty, economic collapse, provincial autonomy and many other … Read More»

Classics Essays – Roman Social Life

What can the decoration and layout of the Pompeian house tell us about Roman social life? The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD, and the subsequent destruction of Pompeii, and it’s near neighbour, Herculaneum; offers us a unique glimpse into Roman life at the end of the first century AD. There are, however, certain problems … Read More»

Major moral conflict in antigone

Moral Conflict in “Antigone Essay The major moral conflict in Antigone by Sophocles is the conflict over which value is most fundamental. The play presents the moral conflict over whether the god’s law or the city’s law is more powerful. This seems to be the most prominent theme. The conflict arises mainly between the tragic … Read More»

Presentation of women in Antigone

Sophocles’ play Antigone presents us with three different types of women: Antigone, the strong-willed protagonist; Ismene, the weak sister of Antigone; and Eurydice, wife of Creon. Each of these characters’ personalities, lifestyles, and choices directly affects the character’s mortality. The women characters in Antigone show great contrast, the most prominent being life and death. By … Read More»

Gcc economies

Introduction Challenges and Opportunities in GCC Economies. General Attitude towards Foreign Investors Trade integration and Economic Philosophy in GCC economies. Economic Status of GCC economies. Economic Stability. GCC’s Political Stability . FDI in the GCC countries The size of the Market . Physical Infrastructure . Resource Endowment and Industrialization . Labor Force . GCC – … Read More»

The importance of the work of Kipling

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am honoured to have come here today as a keynote speaker to present to you the new poetry anthology, titled ?The Spirit of the Ages?. As many of you ask, what is this anthology about, and what does it have to do with the spirit of the ages? To … Read More»

The Age of Innocence | Analysis

The Age of Innocence is the novel of Edith Wharton’s maturity in which she contemplates the New York of her youth, a society now extinct and even then under threat. She was born in 1862 into the exclusive, entrenched and apparently immutable world of wealthy New York families. It was a world of structured leisure, in … Read More»

Zeus: The man, the myth, the legend

Throughout the pantheon of Greek and Roman myth many of the gods are depicted in only one, revered gaze. Zeus on the on the other hand is depicted as many things which include; the ruler of the other gods, a brother, a warrior, a tyrant, a just king, a vengeful deity, an adulterer and a … Read More»

Qualitative Data Analysis Techniques | Example Analysis

This work aims to perform a thematic qualitative data analysis of scripts entitled ‘Is abortion right or wrong?’ A commentary on qualitative data analysis techniques will be discussed and an interpretation of findings from the scripts (Appendix 1-3) presented. A conclusion summarising the main findings will then be drawn. Qualitative Data Analysis It is the … Read More»

Genealogy, History, and Mythology in Olympian 9

From Polis to Oikos At the end of Olympian 9, the ode for Epharmostos, the champion wrestler from Opountian Lokris, Pindar declares phya, his idiosyncratic rendering of physis (“altogether best”: Ol. 9.100);[1] he says that the herald’s proclamation ought to record that his victor was born (“with quick hands, nimble legs, determination in his look”), all the natural and inherited endowments necessary for athletic success (Ol. 9.108ff).[2] Despite … Read More»

The Bible: An Eternal Canon

When one thinks of the word Bible, it evokes images of revelation at Sinai, full of lightning and thunder, where an awestruck nation received the ten commandments. It conjures images of Isaiah’s soaring prophecies, the anguish of Esther, and the courage of Daniel. However, despite the history within it, the Bible is not a history … Read More»

A Family for Christmas by Linda Finlay

Summary: As a matter of fact, the author of this story entitled “A Family for Christmas” is written by Linda Finlay. In addition, the events take place in London in different places such as Mole Valley Mine and Buckland Manor as well as Somerset and Barnstaple. Moreover, the main characters in the story are represented … Read More»

Athenian Democracy and Meritocracy

To what extent did the Athenian democracy live up to its ideology of being a meritocracy, and to what extent was power still in the hands of the wealthy? Athenian democracy was an evolving process in the 5th century B.C. The concentration of power in the political establishment would change considerably from when the first seeds … Read More»

How Virgil Integrates Myth and History in The Aeneid

How does Virgil integrate myth and history in The Aeneid? Discuss with reference to specific passages. Written as Rome faced a new era, and as its politics and society rapidly evolved, The Aeneid is essentially Virgil’s own reflection on these transformations. The narrative, interwoven with numerous historical and mythological elements, highlights his political and moral concerns regarding the … Read More»

Ostracism in Athenian Democracy

Question 3. Ostraka Ostracism was a process instituted as one of the Kleisthenic reforms of 508/7BC as a result of the non-elite intervention in the conflict with the Spartan backed Isagoras, although there is no evidence for its actual use before 487BC (Forsdyke 2005: 144). Lasting for a period of 70 years it was a … Read More»

Greek History – Class and Status

Are there any special insights to be had from analysing Greek history in terms of either class or status? Greek history cannot be viewed as complete without analysing the class structure and status, as most of the historical evidence we have acquired from the classical period have come from inscriptions and sculptures made by one … Read More»

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