Causes and Effects of the Air France 447 Crash

Air France Flight 447 was an international, long-haul passenger flight, from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. On 1st June 2009 the aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing everybody on board. The aircraft is thought to have crashed due to temporary inconsistencies between airspeed measurements, caused by the aircraft’s pitot tubes being blocked by ice … Read More»

Factors Affecting Air Transport Industry Communication

Air Transport Industry Communication There are many factors which affect communication within individual air transport companies and other organisations they interface to in the course of normal business operations. In many cases, the only common contact point for the great numbers of staff working within the industry is the airport which they work in. Even … Read More»

Aviation Safety Strategies at Airports

Aviation Safety Strategies at Airports within the United Arab Emirates One of the major issues that is relevant directly to airports, their management and operations is that of safety. It is the one area of the airport business that bound to cause concern to all of the business stakeholders, which includes airline operators, employees and the … Read More»

Alitalia Airlines: Financial Crisis Management

Crisis survival for Alitalia: Strategy re-evaluation for its continuous viability in the medium and long term. Contents (Jump to) Introduction Alitalia Management Re-focusing Alitalia Recovery Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Based out of Rome, Alitalia is the national airline of Italy which was founded on 16 September 1946 under the name ‘Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali’ and is known as ‘Linee … Read More»

Emergency Response to American Airlines Flight 587 Crash

Abstract Although the probability of an aircraft accident is the minimum, its effects can be catastrophic. The crash of flight 587 in 2001 was a tragic incident that left all the passengers and crewmembers dead. Flight 587 had just left the John F. Kennedy Airport when some of its parts burst into flames about three … Read More»

Facilities Layout Applied in the General Aviation Airport Planning Industry

Facilities Layout Applied in the General Aviation Airport Planning Industry     Abstract   Purpose: This paper discusses how facilities layouts can further aid to improve airport planning within the general aviation industry. A well-designed airport allows for easier travel for individuals as well as faster travel. This creates a more holistic and user-friendly customer service … Read More»

Effects of Perception, Attention and Arousal on Aviation Incidents

How might our understanding of perception, different categories of attention, and arousal help us understand common causes of aviation incidents? Introduction Human error plays a pivotal role in aviation incidents, it accounts for over 70 percent of aircrafts damaged beyond economic repair. Within the Human Information Processing (HIP) system perception, attention and arousal (P.A.A) all … Read More»

Analysis of UAV Manoeuvrability

Table of contents Introduction 1. Literature review History 2. Designs and configurations Conventional Unconventional 3. Aerostatic Principles 4. Lifting Gases Similar projects Aerodynamics and Stability 5. Manufacturing and materials Conclusion References List of figures Figure 1‑1: Pilatre de Rozier crossing the English Channel. (Pozdravish , 2011) Figure 1‑2: Hindenburg disaster. (Syon G., Time, 2017) Figure 2‑1: Traditional airship configurations. (Khoury … Read More»

Supply Chain Management of Aerospace

Supply Chain Management of Aerospace Supply chain is a crucial part of any business involved in sales of some kind. Aircraft manufacturing is no different to that. Without supply chain a business is simply unable to operate. Airbus and Boeing are the leading aircraft manufacturers in the aviation along with Boeing. Industry demand has led … Read More»

Approaches to Aviation Safety Management

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Predictive, Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Aviation Safety Management Introduction Safety management in aviation is not a new 21st century topic. In the past aviation safety improvement was characterized by a fly-crash-fix-fly approach. We found fly airplanes that have the occasional unfortunate crash and we would investigate the cause(s) to prevent … Read More»

Crew Pairing And Rostering Aviation Essay

The award scheme below is loosely based on CASA regulations as regulations for the Asia and Thailand region could not be located. This award scheme takes into account Federal regulations and union negotiated contracts. A pilot may not fly and cannot be rostered when the pilot has exceeded: 38 working hours per any 7 consecutive … Read More»

History of Malaysia Airlines

Basically, Malaysia Airlines was established from a joint initiative and venture of Imperial Airways and the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore. This collaboration had piloted to a proposal towards the government of the Colonial Straits Settlement (CSS) to operate an air services between Penang and Singapore as these states are … Read More»

The Strategies of Ryanair

Ryanair Holdings is Europe’s leading low-fare scheduled passenger airline, carrying roughly 34 million passengers per year, across 19 countries (Ryanair, 2006). The company operates short-haul, point-to-point routes between Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe, and the company’s leading market position provides the company with the ability to leverage its market position to further expand its … Read More»

The global economy where aviation industry was severely hit

The year 2007 saw a downturn in the global economy where aviation industry was severely hit by fall in air traffic. While airlines were struggling with declining profits, the complicacy of the operations in the aviation continued to bother airlines throughout the world with Cathay pacific being no exception. The crisis challenged the efficient business … Read More»

Singapore Airlines

Executive Summary: Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines was established as a separate entity in 1972, when it split up with the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. However, if the actual history of the formation of the company is considered, then, Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947, when it was inherent to the Malayan Airlines. In those days, just three … Read More»


Abstract: Aircrafts throughout their journeys need to be in contact with air traffic controllers. Long haul ocean crossing flights are increasing steadily every year due to growing demands. The increasing air traffic over the ocean is a serious concern for the controllers where the aircrafts are beyond the eye of the radar and ground stations … Read More»

British airways

Executive Summary: British Airways is one of the International Airlines that provides its flights to 570 destinations in 133 territories. It mainly operates from the Heathrow and Gatwick. It faces many problems like 531 million pounds loss in revenue because of lack of international market study, employee relationship (strike problem) and many more. Hence an … Read More»

Vietnam Airlines: An overview

INTRODUCTION Vietnam Airlines is the flag carrier of Vietnam, the country with population of 85 million and 330 000 square meter. It was established in January 1956 by the Government and marked the birth of aviation industry in Vietnam, and served only domestic flights (Vietnam Airline, 2008). After the end of Vietnam War, from 1976, … Read More»

History For Aircraft Investigation Aviation

Flying is generally a safe and fast method of transportation, but accidents always happen whether through human error, mechanical failure, or criminal activity. Over the last two decades, there have been many fatal aircraft accidents per year worldwide. These, and lesser accidents, have to be investigated scientifically in order to gain important lessons about aircraft … Read More»

The importance of communication in aviation

Academic Research Paper Aircraft is acknowledged as the most straightforward route for transportation on the planet. It is constantly utilized as a real and useful transportation across urban communities and countries. Subsequently the impact of aeronautics well being on human life is fundamentally essential. It is likewise extremely essential to give a careful consideration and … Read More»

Civil aircraft manufacturing industry

1. Introduction Civil aircraft manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in the world which Boeing and Airbus are the two large players who dominated the industry. The main former competitors have exited civil aircraft manufacturing market, for instance, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas Corp in August 1997 (Boeing, 2010a), and left Airbus and … Read More»

Low budget airlines | Analysis

Ryan Air Europe’s First low budgeted airline. Ryan air was founded in 1985 by the Ryan family head by Tony Ryan. To provide scheduled passenger airline services between Ireland and the UK. Ryan Air Europe first Low-Fares, No-Frills carrier, offer a point to point service to customer that was the first European low-cost Airline in … Read More»

AirAsia Berhad (AirAsia) | Analysis

Introduction AirAsia Berhad (AirAsia) is one of the leading low cost airlines in South East Asia which has expanded rapidly since 2001. The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has successfully positioned itself in customer’s mind through the simple slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” (AirAsia, 2009). The company is currently valued at approximately … Read More»

Study On Etihad Airlines

Etihad Airways was recognized in 2003. It is the national or says the flag holding carrier passenger air service of Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airline is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE as mentioned earlier. In 2007, it passed additional than 6 million clients, contrasted with approximately … Read More»

National Transportation Safety Board Aircraft Accident Brief

Accident Summary The Hendricks Motorsport plane crash occurred on 24 October 2001.  The airplane crashed in the mountainous regions in Stuart Virginia killing the crew and passengers aboard. The plane crash occurred after a missed landing on the runway 30 of the Martinsville Blue Ridge Airport (NTSB, 2006).  The plane contained two crewmembers and eight … Read More»

Working Effectively in the Aviation Industry with Aborigines

Working Effectively in the Aviation Industry with Aborigines in Australia As the aviation industry in Australia is ever growing, its importance is also due to the fact that Australia is located on an island. This means that aviation, along with the shipping industry, provides the only means of connection to the rest of the world. … Read More»

Challenges of Customer Service in an Airline Industry

Communication(Phone) Communication problems in the workplace can cost your company productivity and money. Without efficient communication, your company is unable to exchange information essential to daily operations and create a communication network to carry new product data. Understanding examples of workplace communication issues can help you to create policies that will address problems and create … Read More»

Reducing Occupational Stress in Air Traffic Control

Recommendations and Conclusions Introduction In this chapter, the researcher has formulated a set of recommendations based on data found in the finding and analysis chapter in line with the objectives of the dissertation to help in reducing occupational stress in air traffic control. Improving job planning and reliability of the work systems According to Glovanni … Read More»

Objectives of Air Traffic Services. (ATS)

First of all I would like to mention about Air Traffic Services. Air Traffic Control Service ATC. Aerodrome Control Service Approach Control Service Area Control Service Flight Information Service Alerting Service Flight Advisory Service These are the main ATS services. Then I would like to explain about main objectives of ATS. a) Prevent collisions between … Read More»

Conflict Management in Aviation

Conflict Resolution Conflicts occur when there are disagreements between an individual or groups. When an individual strongly oppose each other’s ideas a conflict may start. Conflict can start anytime and at any place between anyone. A conflict results in verbal arguments, abuses and also spoils relationships. What should be noted is no matter how well … Read More»

Aircraft Performance and Aviation Management

Briefly discuss about the main objectives of Air Traffic Services? This information is supported by (,2014) says the objectives of the air traffic services shall be to: Prevent collisions between aircraft Prevent collisions between aircraft on the manoeuvring area and obstructions on that area Expedite and maintain an orderly flow of air traffic; Provide advice … Read More»

The Role of the Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller Redesigning the Job of Air Traffic Controller Introduction Job Design Job design may be referred as a way in which an entire job or a set of tasks is organized. Job design helps in determining the tasks and the way they are completed. It considers the factors that influence the work and … Read More»

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